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Hate: Does God Love You? 4

Hate: Does God Love You?

Hate: Does God Love or Hate?

God Loves You - Some Restrictions Apply

God Loves You

Does God hate homosexuals, sinners, military people who risked or gave their lives for our liberty?  Is Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church right?  Does God hate America?

Some say God loves everybody.  Others say the wrath of God burns against the ungodly day and night, that in sin, we stand on a crumbling precipice overhanging the lake of fire awaiting our eternal demise.

Are you on a crumbling precipice or are you safe in the hands of an infinitely loving Father?

Holy of Holies: Will You Face It or Hide From It? 0

Holy of Holies: Will You Face It or Hide From It?

Holy of Holies

Holy of Holies in the Jewish temple

Holy of Holies

The Holy of Holies.  Am I ready to face God? Am I about to have my appointment with eternity? Five minutes from now, will I be alive or gone to face my eternal destiny? Ananias and Sapphira apparently unaware of the danger lied to God and to their surprise perished immediately. So did those who touched the ark of the covenant.