Why Worship God?

Half Dome Yosemite

I named this site God’s Blogs because I want these blogs to belong to God.  To be guided and led by God.  And be faithful to God.  And, I wanted to worship or glorify God.

But why the Almighty?  Why not Buddha?  Or the Titans?  And what’s wrong with Allah of Islam?  Why do we make religion a matter of brand preference?  Doesn’t this smack of “Christian Supremacy”?

Why do we worship the Christian God, specifically? Because He is big? Intimidating? Powerful? Or because we want to go to heaven rather than hell?  Can’t any religion threaten hell or promise heaven to get what they want?

Do we worship God out of fear? Will someone bomb us or cut us with a sword if we don’t? Moreover, will a giant or group of men or angels throw us off a tall building if we don’t worship their way? Will someone burn us alive if we don’t worship God?

If so, is it really honorable to worship a bully? Hence, are we required to bow to a tyrant void of love, mercy, honor, and righteousness?

No.  To the contrary, if we want to be honorable, we must honor a God of love and principle.  An honest, just, and holy God. And my hope is to show that the God we worship is not a god of convenience, or of self-serving superstition or a god of convenience, but the one and only holy God worthy of honor and praise. And we exist and live for Him–not the other way around.

Therefore, I set aside this main blog for glorifying God. However, we ahve other blogs with different niches such as promoting revival, women’s ministries, and others.

I hope this will be a blessing to you, your family, and friends and that it will encourage you to grow close to the Lord and find your calling in life.