Holy Of Holies 02

Holy of Holies: Will You Face It or Hide From It?

Holy of Holies

Am I ready to face God, NOW? If my appointment with eternity begins before my next heartbeat ends, I will give an account to God.  Is that OK?

Five minutes from now, will I be alive or gone to face my eternal destiny?

Ananias and Sapphira lied to God.  And to their sudden surprise they perished immediately. So did those who touched the ark of the covenant.

Will the day of judgment be less ominous?

When we face an infinitely loving but holy God, will we face infinite wrath or infinite love? Or will the wrath be infinite because of God’s infinite holiness and love?

Are we ready? Of those who perished immediately and unexpectedly, how many were ready?

How many thought they were but were not? How many shored up their confidence telling comforting lies to themselves and perished unexpectedly?

Are we secure?

Our children? Our loved ones? Of our loved ones, who would we like to find missing in heaven?  Any? If they are lost will we be certain their blood is not on us?

If we would lead them to Christ and to salvation, can we do that if we are not there ourselves? Can we teach others to seek God if we don’t? Can we teach them to pray if we don’t? Can we teach them to give up sin and trust in Jesus Christ if we won’t?

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. Is our life evidence? Is anything about God proved without a shadow of doubt by the way our faith affects the way we think and live?

If our hearts change, if we become more faithful, can one more soul be saved? Ten souls? A thousand or a million souls? A billion?

If it’s only one, whose soul would we give up for our own convenience? One of our children? A parent?  A friend?  Or would we sacrifice them all for Mammon, Lust, or Pride?


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