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Do You Have a Legacy?

Never mind what everyone else demands from you. Before your time is up, what do you want to leave behind? What do you want to be remembered for? What blessing do you want to bring to others?

And why? Why is THAT important to you?

If you suddenly learned you had 24 hours to live what would you do with it? Just 24 hours, and your last chance to wrap things up.

What do you want to say? What will grieve you if you have to leave it undone?

If you could just add 3 months what would you use that three months for??

Or fifteen minutes?

My Family
My Family

Legacy: Time’s Almost Up!

Imagine yourself in Sunday school or at work or with your children or family and somebody asked you this. What would you answer?

If you were to write down your answer or answers, would your life be different if you were to begin pursuing those goals as though you only had a few days or months left?

Would you accomplish those goals?

Why Would Your Legacy Matter?

Would your goal be selfish or unselfish? Would you want to feed the starving or heal the sick or save souls or bring happiness to God?

Would you like to make sure every loved one has a chance to be close to God? To be saved? Baptized? Discipled? And having a legacy of their own?

When you stand before God on judgment day, do you hope God will go easy on you? Or do you hope He will simply be truthful? Would that scare you? Would it terrify you?

Would you love to know all your loved ones could stand before God on judgment day safe and assured of being honored for being a good, loving, faithful servant of God and not be found a betrayer?

Would you like to know their salvation and yours were honest and not a false hope? Many strive hard to be approved by some religious person or organization and do so in vain. Many try to please man and will sacrifice soul and integrity to fit in.

Christian Legacy
Christian Legacy

Do You Have a Great Christian Legacy Already?

I’d like to have a life that leads people to heaven rather than hell because God is honorable. And I love my family and friends too much to want to see them perish.

God is not a tyrant with rules nobody can obey. He is a fair God of perfect love and integrity. I would rather my loved ones spend eternity with God than with the devil. Isn’t that reasonable?

I also don’t want a rift between God and myself to get in the way of them or I having a good relationship with God. Do you?

I want a legacy of love and faithfulness to our God, our family, and our friends. I don’t want to stand before Him having abandoned all that for a moment of pleasure or comfort. Do you?

The time to begin working and praying for that greatest legacy of love and faithfulness is now. Don’t give it up for something cheap.


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