Big Brother Censorship

Last Days Big Brother

What do you do when your liberators become your captors?

Artificial Free Speech 2

For decades, we have changed T.V. channels to get a different perspective.  But now, we hear the same perspective from different news anchors.  Often shockingly verbatim.

  • One viewpoint.
  • Many presenters.
  • Little diversity of thought.

So, we ran to Twitter and Facebook.

Mainstream media news anchors cried, “fake news”, and “grave threat to democracy”.

On every channel.

“Grave Threat to Democracy!!!”

–every media channel

Big Tech, the FBI, Mainstream Media, and Social Media Take Action!

Twitter, Facebook, and other social media began censoring.

ChatGPT even censored my attempt to generate some images for this article saying, “I’m unable to generate the image you requested because it conflicts with content policy guidelines. However, I can help you refine the concept or suggest other ways to visually convey the message of your article. Let me know how you’d like to proceed!”

  • They employed “unbiased” fact checkers. No clear identification of who they were.
  • They blocked posts they did not want people to see.
  • They cited violations of “community standards”. Other times they accused without evidence.
  • They shadow banned so those posting would not see they were being silenced.
  • They canceled accounts.
  • People wanted to ask for prayer for a sick loved one but could not as they were “jailed”.
  • People wanted to let family know about a funeral or a family reunion but could not.
  • People wanted to turn in class homework online, but could not.
  • Our elected President wanted to post but could not.
  • And 330,000,000 Americans wanted to listen to him, but they could not.
  • Our President went to Parler. Google and Apple cut off Parler’s phone app and AWS destroyed Parler’s website.
  • People screamed for free speech. Other screamed out against it.
  • Leftists spoke. Right wing people expressed disagreement and were beat up and abused in the street.
  • Right wing intellectuals were invited to speak in universities and were met with violent protests.
  • Cries for free speech were answered with excuses. Stupid excuses. “Social media is not owned by the government, so Free Speech does not apply.”
Your Voice Our Choice

Prager University presented this near-Orwellian video on censorship in social media. Once, Twitter, Facebook, and others gave us hope of freedom. Now hostility toward Christians, Jews, and others have warred against that hope. 

What do you think?

Have a few multi-billionaire CEOs, the ACLU, and the political correctness crowd also taken over the courts, the universities, the high schools, and the media?

Will we live in a proverbial Egypt for 400 years? Or will we make our exodus into a land of milk and honey?  Can we make that exodus if we do not educate ourselves to discern and know when we’re being controlled and when we’re free to think and choose for ourselves what we will believe?

Freedom is not given to us on a silver platter.

  • Tyrants won’t give it to us because it’s the right thing to do.
  • We won’t get freedom because it’s our right.
  • We won’t get it because we ask permission to be free.
  • We won’t get it because we seek approval from our selfish taskmasters.

Freedom is something we exercise.

  • Freedom is something we exercise with or without permission.
  • Freedom is something we exercise with or without approval.
  • Freedom is something we exercise not because we are strong or skilled.
  • Freedom is something we exercise because it is the right thing to do.

Freedom is something we fight for.

  • We fight for our freedom.
  • We fight for our children’s freedom.
  • We fight for our parents, our friends, our future generations and their freedom.

Why do we fight?

  • We fight because is is unethical not to fight for freedom.
  • We fight because we love.
  • We fight because we will not go to our graves as cowards or tyrants.
  • We fight for what we pledged our allegiance to, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.
  • We fight because there is no justice if there is not justice for all.
  • We fight because there is no liberty if there is not liberty for all.
  • We fight only because it is the right thing to do.

How do we fight?

  • We fight in the right way.
  • We fight in the ethical way.
  • We fight to oppose injustice, tyranny, cruelty, and dishonesty.
  • We fight these in government, schools, media, courts, in church, and in the marketplace.

How will you fight for freedom today?


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