God's Love

God Loves You Dearly!

Many people hate to hear those words. After all, how could God love us if we are sinful, undeserving, selfish, and have a horrible past?

Others who are equally sinful are totally ignorant of their sin.  They thank God they are not as bad as the robber, the molester, the murderer, the terrorist, the drug pusher, the alcoholic, the adulterer.  They’re happy to hear God loves them because they feel worthy. 

But, to hear that God loves the really bad sinner is offensive to them.  So they rule their churches with the iron fist of hypocrisy bullying their pastors and ministers into compliance.  They’re modern day Pharisees, and one may wonder if they ever will be saved from their ignorance, their arrogance, or their sin.

But nothing we ever did has ever surprised God.

Every sin we ever committed is big.  We may feel justified.  Or we may get mad if others not judge us.  We may sue others into poverty demanding that they admit we are right, but God and all of heaven will unite against us on judgment day.

But, if that’s so, how can you say God loves us?

He created us knowing we would betray Him.  He knew we would betray an

  • infinitely loving,
  • righteous,
  • wise, and
  • powerful God,
  • the one and only Almighty God
  • who had given us such a precious gift of life,

a God who has given us every blessing we would ever have in life.

He knew that betraying such a loving God would be an infinitely heinous crime and there would be no way to pay for that crime other than to suffer infinite pain in hell for all eternity.

God could have decided never to create us

He could have decided that there is no point in creating a human race that would only betray Him and be worthy of hell forever.  Think of the situation that God has to face.  If He runs a universe where anyone can violate the greatest good of God and the universe for selfish reasons, then

He created us knowing He would either have to let us pay for our sins by going to hell to suffer infinite pain forever, or else He would have to come down in the form of Jesus Christ and pay for our sins to satisfy the demands of justice.

And that after all that, God knew that some would still rather perish into hell forever than to surrender to God’s love and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  But, He created us anyway, and He sacrificed Himself for us anyway knowing that many would perish, but some would be saved.

What about you?

If you are still living in sin, God feels deeply hurt by your continual rejection.  Every time someone chooses to put God off until later, it’s a lie.  It’s a way of saying to God, “I will hurt you and betray you now, but I’ll surrender and be faithful to you sometime later when I feel like it.”

To be saved from sin and from eternal separation from God into the place where we deserve to go forever, we have to make that decision immediately and give up the sin.  To refuse is to board a fast train to hell.

This is the day of salvation.  Will you ask Jesus to forgive you? If so, will you ask Him for the grace to dethrone every other sin that has rules your life? Will you turn away from disobedience and betrayal to God?  And will you surrender you sin and your weapons of dishonor toward so great and loving a God?

If Jesus Christ had not paid the price for sin on the cross, how could we be saved from sin?  But you cannot perish without trampling on Jesus’ sacrifice and God’s grace. You must storm through all the roadblocks God has put in your way.  But most people Do exactly that.

What about you?


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