Salvation And Gods Love

How Much Does Jesus Love You?

How much does God love you?  A little?  A lot?
Well, He died on the cross to save you from your sin.
And that’s a lot of love.

How would He feel if you turned Him down?
If you decided you’d rather perish forever than love Him.
I’m sure you would hurt God deeply.

How would He feel if He called you to share his love?
And you shared Jesus’ salvation salvation to 100 people?
His agony on the cross would be worth so much more.

But, what if you did not? Suppose you shared with 99 instead of 100
And one of them perished unnecessarily.
Would it be OK of that one was your son or daughter or parents or spouse?

And what if that happened because you closed your heart to this message?

What if God called you to go into the world and make disciples
But, what if tens, hundreds, thousands, or millions were lost
because you did not answer your call?

What if you couldn’t share because your love for sin were too deep?
What if on judgment day countless lost people looked at you in disbelief
Feeling betrayed by you, their friend, their loved one, a  “religious” person?

And what if the Holy Spirit used this message to awaken you?
What if your heart changed and you began to hunger for God?
Suppose He led one person to you each week or each day.
What if heaven became filled with people led to Christ by you?
And what if they followed your example and led others to Jesus?

What if Jesus received the reward for His suffering on the Cross?
What if you had too many precious crowns to lay down at Jesus feet?

Can we dare get started too late?


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