Covid-19 Prayers

Praying For Covid Patient

Coronavirus – How do I Get God to Listen to Me?

We pray.  Sometimes we get answers.  Sometimes we don’t.

  • We pray for a loved one to survive and our loved ones die.
  • We pray for healing and there’s no healing.
  • We pray for mercy and justice and it seems there is none.
  • We pray for healing, and there seems to be no healing.
  • We pray for our marriages to be saved and they end.

We ask, God, “Where are you?”  What must we do to get God to listen to us?

But have we listened to God?

I Chronicles 7:14 (KJV)

If my people, which are called by my name, shall

  • humble themselves, and
  • pray, and
  • seek my face, and
  • turn from their wicked ways;

then will I

  • hear from heaven, and will
  • forgive their sin, and will
  • heal their land.

Perhaps if God has failed to do any of the last three items, then perhaps you have failed to do the above four.

It doesn’t say, “If these people who are called whatever they want, shall pride themselves in faking humility, and say prayers rather than praying, and avoid My face, and vigorously rationalize their wicked ways, then I’ll give them whatever they want.”

Do you or I have a Bible?  Can we read it?  Will we?  Will we listen to God?

If we won’t listen to God, then why should God listen to us?