Is Snow Storm Expected?

Is Snow Storm Expected?

February 25th – 27th 2011: Coldest snow storm in the Central Valley expected

Snow storm warnings are not uncommon during a winter in the Central Valley and the Foothills valley. What makes this winter different from the rest? We expect snow this weekend, we would experience one of the coldest weekend for the residents of the Central Valley and the Foothills valley. We can expect the temperature to drop from the upper 30s ‘F to the mid 20s ‘F (degree Fahrenheit). With the snow continue to fall on the Sierra mountains down to the predicted 1000 ft level through the night into the early morning, will we see snow or even snow showers in the early morning tomorrow at the Valley floor?

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A Near Death Moment.

Have you experienced a Near death moment?[cincopa AQEAUjqunxGO]

I have had a few significant and unforgettable moments, but there was one in particular, a near death moment in which I was most grateful. It began in 2002.. I had just graduated from my studies in Adelaide, South Australia. I wanted to do something for the Lord, so I joined a group of Christians on an evangelistic bus tour to the Northern Territory for 2 weeks. Among our group, there were several unbelievers with us. We would travel from place to place, slept in our sleeping bags in various venues, making our way to the top end of the NT at Darwin. And then head our way back to Adelaide. Along the way, we organized sketches, dramas, played games, and so forth in attempts to share the Gospel with the unbelievers among us. We were having a great time.

On this occasion, we had to swim as a group along a deep narrow river, which Australians called billabong. Most of the group members could swim except for the little children and me. Naturally, I stayed behind and played at the shallow end of the billabong. Unknowingly, the area where I chose to stay in was the edge of the deep billabong. As I watched the others making their way through the billabong, I was curious. I decided to patter my feet a little a way to see how far I could swim thinking I could step on the ground. When I stopped, my feet could not reach the ground. I panicked and looked through the water..  Discovered I was looking at deep water, 3-4 stories deep. At that moment, I was struggling to breathe. I remembered raising my arm to get attention, just any one close by. Continue reading

Can A Great Sinner Be Saved?

Will you call yourself a great sinner?

How many of us will truly be honest and claimed the title, “I am a great sinner”?  It is true we often believe we are better off than most people. We are good-by nature. Compared to murderers, rapiers, adulterous, robbers, we feel we are good. We deserve being good because we do not cause bodily harm to any one by our actions. Is that true? What about the ‘unseen’ destruction following our selfish decisions? Emotional torment, verbal abuse, the selfish manipulations we deliberately used to get what we want, rejection, destructive remarks? How often we defend or prove them.. to make ourselves feel good? Are we perfect? No, absolutely not! Continue reading

New Change Is Finally Here!

New Change Is Finally Here!

People Power Revolution in Egypt As I watched the revolution in Egypt unfolded before my eyes on the news and the internet, there was an atmosphere of excitement for the people of Egypt and at the same time, a fear of a possible war and massive blood shed involved. Can the young people really claim the people power back from the strong Mubarak regime that apparently lasted 30 years? Lets just hope the new change brings a new beginning for the people of Egypt with a better government and a greater freedom of religion in that land. Continue reading

Music – My Favorite Hymn

Music – My Favorite Hymn – It Is Well With My Soul

According to Ryan Goodwin,  he coded from Martin Luther saying : ” Martin Luther once said of music, “I have always loved music. . . Music is a fair gift of God, and near allied to divinity. I would not for a great matter be destitute of the small skill in music which I have. Whoso condemneth music, as all seducers do, with them I am not content; next to Theologia, I give the place and highest honour to Musica. For thereby all anger is forgotten; the devil is driven away; unchastity, pride, and other blasphemies by music are expelled.”

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As Ryan puts it well saying: ” It is, indeed, a great gift from God to come before Him in song and poem, to express in melodies deeper than human words the anguish of loss, the peace of prayer, and the joy of salvation.” What an awesome statement indeed! Continue reading

God’s Little Miracle To Share..

Here is a story that I would love to pass on and share with everyone whom I know: An incredible story that only love can overcome. And I call it : ” God’s little miracle “!

God’s Little Miracle To Share..[cincopa AINA2iKvnBgS]

Like any good mother, when Karen found out that another baby was on the way, she did what she could to help her 3-year-old son, Michael, prepare for a new sibling. They found out that the new baby was a girl, and day after day, night after night, Michael sang to his sister in mommy’s tummy. He was building a bond of love with his little sister before he even met her.
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Welcome to Daughters of the Almighty!

Welcome Message

DOTA is pleased to have you here with us if you are visiting  for the first time. Daughters of the Almighty (DOTA) consists of a group of women honored to share their thoughts and lives with you. If we have in any way bless you through your visit today, we have achieved our goal.


Welcome To Daughters of the Almighty

Our Welcome Note:

Our primarily focus is to share God’s love through our thoughts and lives. Why is God so important to us? In our world today, many hunger for some one to love and care for them. The Bible in 1 John 4:8 says: “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” The reason we are able to express love is because God first loves us. He taught us how to love. In gratitude, we would love to extend His love to you as well.

DOTA is here to uplift, inspire, encourage and bring comfort to those who are hurting, in grief, spiritually lost, those who simply needed a hand to move forward in life, through the Bible to point others to God. DOTA exists because we are daughters of the Almighty God. We being women, in the obscurity, we do have a voice that chooses to bring praise and honor to God. DOTA hopes in doing so, brings honor to His name.


Feel free to browse through our site. If you have any questions you would like to ask us about what you’ve read after your visit today, click me and put your questions down and we will try our best to give you satisfying answers to your questions.We hope your visit here is informative and  fruitful. We would love to see you again. Have an awesome day!

Blessings from,

DOTA Team.