New Change Is Finally Here!

New Change Is Finally Here!

People Power Revolution in Egypt As I watched the revolution in Egypt unfolded before my eyes on the news and the internet, there was an atmosphere of excitement for the people of Egypt and at the same time, a fear of a possible war and massive blood shed involved. Can the young people really claim the people power back from the strong Mubarak regime that apparently lasted 30 years? Lets just hope the new change brings a new beginning for the people of Egypt with a better government and a greater freedom of religion in that land.

Is suppression good for Egypt?

President Obama gave his thoughts on the future of Egypt through his speech:

In order for Egypt to have a bright future — which I believe it can have — the only thing that will work is moving an orderly transition process that begins now, that engages all the parties, that leads to democratic practices, fair and free elections, a representative government that is responsive to the grievances of the Egyptian people.”

Clearly, according to President Obama, suppression is not going to work for the future of Egypt. Why is suppression not the answer for Egypt? As a matter of fact, why is suppression not the answer for any country?

Suppression generally promotes regression and encourages stagnation.  How can a country progress if its people live under heavy suppression? Just like Egypt, on January 26th 2011, the young people of Egypt finally revolted.They stood on the ground of a peaceful and non-violent protest.  They finally won and had their President Mubarak stepped down in February 2011. Sometimes I wonder, if the Egyptians ever imagine that freedom is possible for them? When suppression is the rule of the thumb for the people, one day, some one in that crowd would cry out: “Freedom, freedom.. we want freedom!”

My hope is that one day, Egypt will be open to freedom of religion. No more suppression under the rule of its very own religion. No more killing of the innocents and that Egypt be truly set free.

Is the new change for the better or worse?

New changeAs I watch what the new change is slowly unfolding, more countries  in the Middle East and North Africa are after the new movement. Where would it lead? To a better future for the countries involve or a worst economic crisis rolling our way? We just have to keep our eyes on more coming events. Meanwhile, stay on your Bible. Lets keep our eyes on Jesus and look to our Father in Heaven for His guidance and directions in our lives.



Latest Update:

Protest Revolution is spreading like wild-fire in the Middle East and some countries in North Africa. The situations in many countries are still uncertain and people are fighting back to reclaim their power. Below are articles with good descriptions of what is still unfolding before our eyes.

  1. A good article on the breaking down of what is happening in the Middle East.
  2. The protest movement has spread as far as it can get, all the way to Iraq…


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