Tell-Tale Signs, Watch out!

Watch Out For Tell-Tale Signs

What are Tell-Tale Signs? They are warnings that we need to take note. They tell us something is not right. We need help. Take Tell-tale signs positively because if we listen to them and make the changes, our lives will get better.

Inspiration For Today:

Just like a solar-powered digital watch requires sunshine to work , so are we as followers of Jesus Christ. We need God’s light to work well. – E. G. D

Daily Battles

Do you feel so exhausted even without doing anything lately? I know I do for the last 2-3 days. Often when we are sick, our bodies fight against the unwelcome bacteria within our bodies to get rid of them, simply because they do not belong there. When our immune system is fighting hard to get rid of the bacteria, it shows through our exterior bodies. Without the immune system, we are dead. God has given me a message this morning. And I hope it would bless you more than anything today.

Our Spiritual Immune System

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Liken our spiritual immune system to the Holy Spirit, that is so true. Often the Holy Spirit reminds us of what our hearts’ condition are through some warnings. We need to take heed and listen to His promptings. This morning, I’m reminded of some tell-tale signs we need to watch out for, about our spiritual well-being. Whether it speaks to you personally today or not, we need to stay vigilant always because the battles we are engaging in as  true followers of Jesus Christ are not against brothers and sisters-in-Christ, but against the evil forces. According to Ephesians 6:12, the Bible says:

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

And so the weapon used to fight back is not of material things and human understanding or even psychological explanations. It’s more than that in which I would elaborate on that at the end of my message. Now, as I mentioned earlier before, I’m reminded of some tell-tale signs that we need to take heed.[cincopa AIGAcjKrn14C]

Tell Tale Signs -5 vital Red Alerts

1. No Appetite For the Bread of Life (Bible)
When one is sick, one often losses appetite for the usual food he/she takes. Instead, light and semi-solid food is desirable. That is how our bodies regulate. When we loss appetite for studying the Word of God (Bible) we often avoid spending time on it. We have all the excuses in the world not to spend our time reading, mediating and studying the Bible. We keep ourselves absolutely busy with everything else except our Bible reading. Is that true?

However, even when we do spend our time reading the Bible, we regard it as a chore, a responsibility to fulfill and not delight in knowing what God is saying to us today. When we notice our fretfulness, we need to realize something is missing, absolutely wrong with our attitude toward God, things of God. This is a vital tell-tale sign that we are spiritually ‘sick’.

2. No Appetite To Pray

When we find ourselves repeating the same prayers every day, our prayers show our loss of appetite to seek answers from God. Do we mean what we pray? Or we no longer care if we hear from God or not? When we do not care, what we do are meaningless. Does God care? Yes, of course He cares! Sometimes, He turns it around and ask us: ” Do you care? ” When praying becomes a routine, and when it becomes a chore, we need to know that we are in danger spiritually. Something is amiss.. we need to keep track of our hearts’ condition before God daily. When we avoid spending time with God in prayers, that’s tell-tale signs that we need to check ourselves what is keeping us away from seeking Him and receiving answers from Him.

3. No Appetite To Worship

 Worship God is not a natural response. It comes from a deep want to find delight in God and a close relationship with Him. When we find ourselves avoiding Him, through time in prayers and worship, it is a clear sign that we’ve lost our focus in life. When Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil, where they instructed not to, they hid themselves from God. They ran away from God than stay close to Him. (Genesis 2:15 – 3:1-8) Have you done that lately?

Other tell-tale signs:

4. Appetite For Activity Becomes Greater Than Purpose

When a group meet for a purpose such as prayer or care cell meetings, we need to check what our motives are in attending the activities. Do we meet up to gossip about our fellow brothers and sisters-in-Christ, or do we go for the activities for pure entertainment, to see some one we’re  interested in? It is extremely offensive to conduct in such a way to commit in a relationship outside marriage. It is offensive not only to the spouse involved but especially to God.

Now, when going to church on Sundays are no longer crucial for our spiritual health, and going to a particular activity becomes more exciting than going to church services, we need to sit back and re-examine our motives. Take the steps to do what is right. Does God matter to us more than our motives? In our sub-consciousness, have we sinned against God and our beloved? If so, take time to repent and seek God’s forgiveness. Be reconciled to the perspective person. Seek God not men. Take heed from the warning of the Holy Spirit. The tell-tale signs are warnings to us so that we are aware of what we do and our motives behind what we do.

5. Appetite To Hoard Becomes Greater Than To Give

Have you ever been rebuked by God about tithing? When God has to rebuke our tithe and giving, we need to take heed. When giving to the Lord is no longer a joy and delight, we rob from God. Think about this seriously, do we have the right to do that? All our possessions comes from and belong to Him, so what is given, is not ours to keep. We have to learn being good stewards of what is given to us, including our children. Have you been struggling with your tithing and giving lately? Take heed of this red alert.

Only the armor of God will win

The Bible says in regards to our spiritual warfare, that the battle belongs to the Lord.  In other word, only the weapon from God will win these war fares because we are fighting not against flesh and blood, but the evil forces of this world. So, what are the armor of God? According to the Bible, in Ephesians 6:10-18  they put on the full armor of God and stand firm to fight this battle, not afraid to face the evil forces. Only with the armor can we win! However,  if we have truly done something displeasing God, then we need to repent, seek His forgiveness and be reconciled to Him.

I hope this message today will become a blessing to you and your loved ones. Continue to trust in the Lord and take heed of the tell-tale signs. May you have a victorious week and live in victory for God in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.



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