Baked Barberque Ribs

Baked  Barbeque Ribs

Do you enjoy some baked barbeque ribs? We have a home-made recipe to share with you today. An easy meal to prepare and healthy to eat. We hope you love our recipe for our baked barbeques ribs.

Category: Baking
Style: American
Servings: 2 to 3 persons


Here is a recipe for an easy cooking and healthy meal of ribs.
Serve together with rice pilaf and steamed broccoli.


Pork ribs – 10 pieces of average pork ribs

1. tablespoon of BBQ sauce to each rib

2. gloves of garlic – chopped

3. spices add to taste, such as paprika, chili powder, dried basil leaves, meat tenderer

4. Some dashes of pepper to taste

5. 2 cups of water
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1. Pre-heat the oven for 10 minutes

2. Season the pork ribs in a glass oven-proof container

3. Rub in BBQ sauce on the ribs, then add spices prepared above, according to taste.

4. Add the chopped garlic to the top of the seasoned ribs.

5. Finally, add the 2 cups of water into the container with the ribs.

6. Cover the seasoned ribs with aluminum foil.

7. Bake the seasoned ribs for 2.5 – 3 hours

8. Serve about 2-3 persons – enjoy it while its hot.

9. Dish is served with rice pilaf and steamed broccoli.

If you did try it, take a picture and write us, let us know what you think of it. We love to hear from you. Contact us! We like to know your opinion on it. Enjoy your home-made meal and hope you’ll try again. If not, give it a try. Have an awesome day.

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