Japan’s Great Earthquake

Japan’s Great Earthquake


A ferry is perched on top of a house in the aftermath of an earthquake and tsunami in Otsuchi, Iwate prefecture March 13, 2011.

A great earthquake of 8.9 hit Japan at about 2-3pm, during their most busy part of the day, yesterday. Reported to last about 5-6 minutes. The buildings were rattling, objects falling off the shelves, people taking cover under their desks, and running for safety areas. Imagining that 5 minutes, though could have gone by pretty fast on a normal working day, it was felt by many like it lasted for ‘a long, long time’ especially when a sense of helplessness creep in. Immediately, after the earthquake stopped, A tsunami alert announced in Sendai, in the North East of Japan. Evacuation was to take place in that city. Sendai holds a population of 1 million people. Most of the residents are farmers and fishermen. Shortly, a reported 24 foot high Tsunami hit Sendai as warned. Tsunami Massive rush of sea water covered over within 50 miles area of Sendai, removing boats, cars, houses as it moved into the inland of Sendai. Hours later, Tsunami warnings issued to several countries, such as Taiwan, Russia, Philippines, Guam, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, and Indonesia. Tsunami alerts were later extended to 50 other countries due to the massive 8.9 earthquake earlier. Now what a day!!

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I was first told by my mother-in-law about news of this earthquake that hit Japan. Out of curiosity, I went and sat with my parents-in-law, watched this news as it unfolded on CNN. There had been several reports of earthquakes lately and initially, I thought nothing about such news. What hit me last night as I watched live updates on this news, was the live footage I saw on the television when the Tsunami first hit Sendai just within hour as it happened. Watching the massive waves coming in, covering huge areas as it moved in was incredible. The destructive force could be felt even while I watched it helplessly, wishing in my heart, it would stop. I told my husband about the news, and the footage he saw horrified him. He started calling friends and people whom he knew about the Tsunami warnings.

As I watched intensely on the latest update on the 8.9 earthquake and the Tsunami in Sendai last night and early this morning, I recalled that same intensity I felt as I watched for the updates on news about the unforgettable September 11, 2001. It wouldn’t hit you as hard when you watched news several hours after it happened, than you saw live footage on the news within an hour as it happened. That was an experience for me. The feeling of helplessness was also much more intense. I went to bed at about 3 in the morning. Woke up, this morning, learning that California coastal areas felt its impact, even many miles away from the disaster area in Sendai.

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Father God, I know Your mercy and compassion. Nothing escape Your knowing O God. I ask for Your mercy and compassion over the people of Japan now as they cope with the aftermath of this great disaster. Bring help to those who need rescuing. Help many find their loved ones through good communication systems. Comfort those who loss their loved ones. Through this unfortunate disaster, help many find peace and salvation this time in their lives through knowing You in ways they’ve never known before.

I ask all these in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ,

Latest Update:
1. People living and working in Tokyo had to either carpool with their friends, hire cabs, or walk home due to the entire rail system shut down yesterday.

2. Residents living near Tokyo Electric Co. nuclear reactor advised to evacuate the area because of a possible radiation leak due to the great earthquake. A reactor exploded on 03/12/2011. Iodine would be distributed to the residents living in that area (Fukushima) to prevent throat cancer.

3. The death toll in Japan is likely to rise from hundreds to a thousand, reported about 9,000 people still missing, 4 trains not accounted for.

4. The impact of the Tsunami had 1 person missing, 2 others rescued in California. The worst city hit by the Tsunami in the west coast of California was Crescent city, CA.

5. Tsunami hit Hawaii hard last night (03/11). Emergency declared to help Hawaii recover after the disaster.

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