Is Abortion A Woman’s Right?

Is Abortion A Woman’s Right?

United States Government Shutdown

For the last weeks while all Americans were watching intensely at the first possible government shutdown since 1995, we were all wondering what the outcome would be. What was the issue so great that the Democratic and Republican parties were unable to agree and the Government had to resort to shut down? Democratic party insisted on their continual financial support to Planned Parenthood and the Republican party opposed the budget. The bottom-line issue is all about ABORTION. Does a woman have her right to abort her baby? Should abortion be legalized? Today, I would like to discuss about this issue as a woman myself and my perspective on our law on this topic.


Abortion Law And Health care Issue


Abortion – No!

Can we legalize abortion because we choose to see abortion as a solution to health care for women today? Can we seriously equate abortion to health care rights for women today? Recent research concluded that a fetus less than 24 weeks old is unable to feel any pain and is not considered a human, claiming abortion as not legally ‘killing’ a life. So, does it mean that a woman cares less about her baby during the first 24 weeks of her pregnancy? What about taking drugs and alcohol during this time frame? Is this what a responsible mother would do? Whatever she does in that time frame to this baby in her womb is legally lawful even if she chooses to end this baby’s life simply because whatever is in her womb is not a human being? Does this sound right to you? Even though the closet I’ve got to being a mom, I’m a step-mother to my 18 years old step-daughter. I believe every life formed from conception is precious and needs our protection. Every life or baby is dependent on his or her parents for survival. If the parents are unable to protect this life, then honestly who will?

I believe the perspective of a mother is very different from a woman who has never given birth. I know that many mothers would agree with me. The entire 9 months of  that birth process has a great impact on a woman. It changes every aspects of her life. The bond between a mother and her baby is unique and special. Why would a mother end her pregnancy unless for a life and death decision? It would be either the mother lives or vice versa. Some mothers even choose to keep their babies alive at the price of theirs.  I can see that child-birth can at times become a complicated matter if unexpected circumstance arise during the 9 months of pregnancy.  Giving up her child is extremely painful to a normal mother. At this point I would like to mention the fathers as well. I believe the pain is not limited to a mother. A father bonds with his child, the first time he set his eyes on his newborn. There is no doubt about it. A father goes through the same grief as a mother. We are talking about losing a child unexpectedly during the birth process.

Now, looking at abortion in the light of losing a child, it is not the same. To be honest, can a mother consider abortion after she had gone through an entire 9 months of birth process with her baby before? Or after she had a miscarriage in her earlier pregnancy? Would she consider abortion likely at this point after all she had been through before? I believe several mothers standing in agreement would say: “I don’t think so!” Some women would strongly disagree and say: “What about a woman’s right?”

Personally, I believe these women are not ready for motherhood. Simply for 2 reasons, a mother provides, and she protects. A mother naturally thinks about what’s best her child and putting her child’s needs before hers. These are her roles as a mother. Does she have her right? Of course she does. But, she will forgo her right for the sake of her child. That’s motherhood!

I am not an absolute Democrat nor am I an absolute Republican. I do not think this issue is about politics. Sometimes we are so passionate about our political stands that we encompass  our values and rights around our political views. Is that all we are? Are we only Democrats or Republicans? I truly hope this is not the case.

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Appeal to the next generation of mothers

I hope to appeal to our next generation of mothers. Do you really believe that a woman should kill her baby and call it a woman’s right? Abortion is removing your baby’s right to live for whatever reasons you give to yourself to end your pregnancy. Do you truly believe you have the right to do so?

My youngest brother who is the eleventh in our family was almost aborted because of various reasons. Now if my mother gave him up and aborted him, he would never be a part of this family, would he? I would never  get to know such a wonderful and thoughtful brother that he is. I appeal to you as a mom to give this issue a much deeper thought than just crying out to your right as a woman because this is not all about a woman’s right but seeing it from a perspective as a mother to her baby.

In the sixth commandment of the ten, the Bible says: ” Thou shall not kill.” Can one truly say that since a baby at 24 weeks is only a fetus, and because it does not feel any pain, it is her right to remove it for whatever reasons in the world simply because a mother has the right to make that decision? Personally to me, adoption is an option, where abortion is not.

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