Cold Rolls – Vietnamese

Cold Rolls – Vietnamese

Love Vietnamese cold rolls? Would you like to learn to an easy way to make them? Below is our recipe for making Vietnamese cold rolls the easy way. Try it out and have fun with your family.

Special Consideration: Quick and Easy

Servings: 2 persons

It is a very healthy, easy dish to make and fun for the family.
It can also be a full meal if you have enough ingredients to make a meal out of it.

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Ingredients to make Vietnamese Cold Rolls

1. 2 Chinese Sausages cut in slices and cooked
(Optional – replaceable with chicken strips, beef strips)

2. Lettuce cuts in strips.

3. A carrot cuts in strips.

4. Bee hoon (Boiled and soften) – Thin noodles that you can get in a chinese provision shop.

5. Hoisin sauce with drops of lemon juice and a pinch of sugar.
(Hoisin sauce purchased from a chinese provision shop)

6. Vietnam – Tapioca sheets for spring rolls and egg rolls
(Soften when put in a saucepan with hot water)

Notes: Basic ingredients include left over dinner, the night before. Anything you would like to include in the dish, basically.

1. Prepare the ingredients in advance.

2. Boil some hot water using the saucepan.

3. First, place a tapioca sheet into the hot water, until it softens

4. Dish the sheet on your big plate and spread the sheet out nicely

5. Place some softened bee hoon on to your sheet, spread it out like a sausage, then put your chicken strips, or chinese sausage slices, carrot strips, lettuce strips, on top of your noodles.

6. Finally, dip some hoisin sauce over your ingredients, for taste.

7. Wrap up your tapioca sheet, which needs some skills doing it..
(Basically, first fold in the sides of the sheet, then neatly roll the sheet over the ingredients) Be careful, it breaks easily. Takes a while to master it. Both Dan and I, we enjoy making our cold rolls and we have fun doing it every time. Try it with your family. Your family will have fun and love it.

Finally enjoy the meal, with some chinese tea. They go well hand in hand.
Let me know what you think of it..

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