Does It Pay To Do Good Today?

  Good Samaritan Luke 10:25-37

Does it pay to do good today? The incident that happened in China yesterday on a tragic story of a 2 years old who was ran over by a van and a truck with no one willing to get involved to save her, reminded me of what happened to me as I tried being a good Samaritan once in my hometown in Singapore.


Good Samaritan

As some of you know that I’m passionate for people and children with disabilities. While I was working as a special education teacher in Singapore, I would often pass by a busy sidewalk from Tampines MRT Station to the shopping mall on my way home from work. I would notice this man, often in a squatting position, quiet and in a corner with his cane. As I came forward to take a closer look, I noticed he was blind. I also noticed practically every one around him ignored his presence. Hardly any one would buy anything from him. My heart went out to him, wishing I could do something for him.

One day, I plucked up my courage and talked to him. After knowing his plight, I decided to help him to help sell some of the stuffs to earn a living. I started helping creating signs to get people’s attention toward him and that seemed to work. More and more people started noticing us and bought stuffs from him. It went well for a while until a man who addressed himself as an officer working for the government decided to arrest me for assisting in an illegal criminal group trying to use this blind man to work for the organization. “Oh wow.. me involving in an illegal activity??” That was the last straw for me. I fell apart and started weeping.” Was this fair for trying to do some good deeds?”

Fortunately, a couple decided to speak up on my behalf. They argued with the officer and in the end, decided to go with me to the office and they testified in favor of my innocence. I was eventually warned and released. At the end of the day, I asked myself: “Does it pay to do good these days?”

The horrific story of the 2 years old in China sparked off a very similar discussion on this issue. People are much less willing to get ‘involved’ in helping others in need especially when it comes to children. According to, it reported:

“The notorious “Nanjing Peng Yu” incident is fresh in people’s minds even after five years. In 2006, in Nanjing City in east China, a young man named Peng Yu who had just gotten off a bus went to aid a 65-year-old woman who was knocked down by a fellow passenger. The woman eventually sued Peng, claiming he was the one who knocked her down.”

As for the blind man I’ve helped.. Much later, I would continue to quietly watch out for him when I passed by that area. As time went by, I noticed he was losing much of his weight and felt helpless to do anything. Over time, I had grown like any one else forgot he existed. What have our societies become? Would you despite the fear, help someone in need today? Would you continue to let the fear rule you or would you let your heart and the Holy Spirit lead you? Something needs to change today!