Is Doing What’s Right Relevant Today?

A couple of days ago I saw a video posted by You tube challenging Facebook to do what is the right thing to do as an active  competitor with You tube. Now, here is the video you may want to watch. It’s called Help Stop Facebook Freebooting.

My question to everyone is: “Is it still relevant today to do what’s right?” This question posted to all our mega companies in the United States. In my post today, I would like to discuss this question and state my reasons why it is still relevant to do the right thing.


Making America Great

America is known in the world as ‘The Great Nation’. Really? Is it still relevant today? Imagine what’s that like for many mega companies and their staffs waking up to go to work each day, working hard to make a good living and bringing in incomes for their families and at the end of the day, feeling satisfied and return home with a good clear conscience with nothing to keep them awake in the middle of the night, trembling with fear. Isn’t that an awesome way to live? Can we say that is true all across mega companies in United States? If you would be honest with yourself, have you woken up in the middle of a night trembling with fear lately?

Next picture, have you gone to work a day and all you did was trying to find a loop-hole in our laws and try to get away from paying the penalty using the loop-hole to your advantage? You are most likely working as a lawyer in this case. I might be stereotyping.. I can hear all the lawyers protesting by now. But, seriously, are you in that place and you hate it so much? How is life treating you? Do you really want to live like this all your life? Life is good when you can sleep and not worry all the time. Does doing what is right bother you?

We can live and be competitive with a clear conscience.  Can we qualify ourselves as citizens of ‘The Great Nation’ if all we do are trying to live like one but not living up to its name? Why is doing what is right relevant today? Consider our great grand kids.. What kind of nation we want our grand kids to live in? What we do today has a great impact on our future generations. Everybody knows that.. Wait, take time to seriously think about it.  If we care so much for our environment, and our animals, why can’t we care about what we do to our next generation? What kind of legacy we want to pass down to our future generations? Empire is nice.. but meaningless! A family name that they are proud to own and pass down to their grand kids is the greatest legacy.

Why is doing right still relevant today? If doing the right thing no longer relevant, we can do away with our justice department. It’s irrelevant to uphold justice anyway, why bother? For show? Why bother? Keep the money for yourselves? Do we think seriously what we are doing and why we are doing any more? Is greed so important to you? Yes, everything we do for selfish reasons all stamp out of GREED! We want more!! We can live with more and with a clear conscience.

In conclusion, I would like to leave you with this thought. You think you can get away with a wrong, maybe you can, but don’t push it. One day all that you do, right or wrong will be out there for all to see. Will you be shamed or honored? That’s my question to you.

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