Do You Need This Prayer Today?

My Kitchen Prayer

Every new mom meets various challenges in her daily life. Ever feel like you need a special prayer to get through today? Especially at a time when you are sick and need a little break but everyone else are either sick or need you to get through the day. You wonder how you are going to get through this? Or just to get through an uneventful day? A little help would be most delightful..

Allow me to share this special prayer with you today. Hope it brings you great blessing and joy to help get you through this day.

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My Kitchen Prayer

God bless my little kitchen, I love it’s every nook. 

And bless me as I do my work, wash pots and pans and cook,

 And may the meals that I prepare be seasoned from above

with thy great blessing and thy grace.

But most of all they love,

so bless my little kitchen, God.

And those who enter in, may they find naught

but joy & peace

and happiness there.

 We are never alone no matter how we feel about it. When we feel we need an extra push and strength to get through, a prayer utter to God will get us through each day. God knows what’s in our hearts and would love to bless us by granting our hearts’ desires when we come to Him. Sometimes, in silence or in closed closet or simply utter out loud in special moment meeting up with Him.

Never be afraid to call on Him. He is just a step away. Turn to Him and find rest for your tired soul today. May you be truly blessed and  may you have a restful week ahead with Him in prayers.



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