Truth Shall Set You Free

Truth Shall Set You Free

Truth is hard to take at times. But truth will not mislead you, it will not pamper you. Neither will it entrap you. Truth will only set you free. Lies, on the hand, will gradually destroy you without your knowing. Simply because the father of all lies is the devil himself. If this is what you need today, read on.


Truth Shall Set You Free

When we have a society that encourage and support the notion that ‘there is no absolute truth’ and ‘everything is grey, there is no right and wrong’ mentality, we will reach a point where no one can judge another. One can do what one sees fit and good in one’s eyes. Man will have no restraints any more.

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There will be no need for law enforcement, justice, no need for jails because any man can argue and sue his way out of all wrongs simply there is no right and wrong. We head just right in this direction whether we believe it or not. We can protest all we can, disagreeing with what I have to say today. But, the truth is, we are heading in this direction whether we like to hear it or not. This is what’s wrong with our society today. Before we head it on any further, we need to seriously ponder and decide how this is going to turn out. One man or woman can make that difference. Would that be you?

Have you heed the Call?

Are you going to remain silent and ignore it? Do not live in fear. The God whom you declare you love and worship is the God of the Great I AM. Believe that He who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

I pray that today you will declare this with great faith: ‘Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil.’ Psalm 23:4a Hold to the promise that the God of the Great I Am is and will be with you. Keeping in mind that His rod and His staff will bring comfort to you (Psalm 23:4b) when you need it.

Additional Resource

As I did some research on what the ‘rod’ and ‘staff’ mean, I came across Jodi’s Journal. I thought this message explains it well. If interested, please click on the link to find out more. May you be truly blessed today.