Pray God Wants You!

Pray, Will You Come On Board?

Please pray because the challenge to pray for California is ever so great today. The years of long standing drought bring devastation to our state this season. Please take this message seriously. Why? Let me share with you please.


Yesterday, after Church, while my husband and I, with our son went for a drive to relax and rest our mind, we ended up taking an hour drive around the Millerton Lake, CA. What we saw while driving around was devastating. The long-standing drought was literally drying up the Lake. In my mind, I heard myself saying: ‘We need to do something.’ As we arrived home, I felt the Lord calling me to send out this challenge on Facebook. And I did. This was what I wrote.

Today after Church we went on a drive around the Millerton Lake and saw first hand  the devastation caused by this long standing drought in California. Please pray to end this drought because we desperately need the rain. Let’s come together to call on our Father in Heaven to grant what we need, the rain.

Not only that, the long running drought dried up all the greens and as a result, wildfires flared up in various parts of California that Governor Jerry Brown declared State of Emergency for California, this week. Please keep praying until God answers and brings the water we need. Thank you.

California needs our attention and our prayers.

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This morning, I woke up with a morning of dark clouds and light rain. It was like “God  affirms a break through is on the way”. At the same time, I felt in my inner being that God was saying: ‘Get ready for a cold winter’. Do you believe that the long-standing drought is coming to an end? We still need to keep seeking & praying for God to bring the water we need to California.

In the afternoon, we (my husband and I) had a unique opportunity to watch a movie together. We picked the latest #1 movie in United States, War Room. We were not sure we could make it for this movie on time. However, thank God we made it a little late but not missing much. The truth is, I have had never cried entirely through a movie before. In fact, this would be my first. Without a doubt, this is a must watch.

It’s Time To Take This Seriously!

Have you ever felt God’s Call, a clear assignment He gave to you? A Call that is to become one of His mighty warriors in prayers to fight mighty battles in the Heavenly?  Declares victory over the battle in the heavenly first before it manifests here on earth. God is looking for His mighty warriors who will faithfully fight His battles in prayers in the War Room. Are you one of them?

God wants you to come on board, take on this challenge and be His mighty warriors!  If you hear from God and believe God is calling you for this special assignment, stop resisting. Come to Him today in your War Room, wait for your first assignment. He’s been waiting for you way too long. It’s about time.. don’t you think?

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