God’s Message Tonight

Have you ever been disappointed in your life? God has a special message for you tonight. Disappointment is part of life but it’s not from God. Sometimes, drowning in disappointment, we blamed Him. The truth is, we blame Him for every disasters in our lives. Tonight’s message, disappointment is nothing new to Him because He went through it all. If this interest you, God has more for you. Come along..

My hubby spent 10 months of 2015 and 2016 building an App that he believed inspired by God. The truth is I believed it too. What he could not understand was the response people took to this App.  Absolute no interest, no one not even one  download the App. After all the hard work he put in, no one wanted it.

It left me thinking..

Disappointment is nothing new to God. When He offered Jesus (His one and only Begotten Son) to the world, how many reject Jesus? Every year passed by and people were busy celebrating Christmas for every other reasons than celebrating the birth of His Son Jesus. Who truly knew who Jesus was? Who care?


Turn to God in your moment of disappointment.

Tonight, He wants you to know this. Up till this point, He has not given up on any one. In fact He will  not. For as long as you acknowledge you need Him, He will be there for you.

Many saw the birth of Jesus at that time. God started this spectacular event supernaturally, delivered by the Heavenly messengers. Yet, not many followed Him.

But He wants you to know, He is the Alpha and the Omega. The beginner and the finisher. Will you come to Him this Christmas?

Goodnight all. Christmas is not for me, but all. Have a great rest and see you tomorrow.

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