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The message for tonight is this: The story of Christmas began in LOVE. It can change your life, redefine you and gives you a capacity that you never know you own, to care for another in return. So, what’s the story of Christmas all about?

This night, we talk about Divine Love. What do you mean? It exits because God first love us. God is the first to show what it is. When God decided to announce the Good News that the birth of Jesus Christ arrived, it was the point of no return for God’s Salvation plan for all people.

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The stretch of time before the birth of Jesus, God could still ‘change His mind’ if he decided to. The story of Christmas was God’s commitment to see through His plan. It was not all that easy or delightful to execute this path. It meant sacrificing His priceless gift so every one could be saved through His Son Jesus Christ.

It was a commitment directed by Divine Love. It is able to endure, persevere because the nature of that love never gives up. God loves you. He had you in mind when He began the Christmas Story. A story that many are unable to understand, but if you do, it will alter your life forever.

The story of Christmas began 2000 years ago. Nothing has changed since that day. It still speaks today just it  began 2000 years ago. Let His Divine Love speaks to you this Christmas.

So you see, the heart of the Christmas story begins in love. It never gives up. As you begin this festive season, remember God will ever pursue, always reaching out and finds room to cover and embrace those who come to Him or cry out to him.

Merry Christmas Everyone!



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