New Day Comes New Way

New Day Comes New Way

A new day marks new ways to make things new. Today we learn this new truth as we approach the new year. May God grant you revelation in this new day.

[cincopa AgGAUOtZ9NCg]My son David and I went for a walk this afternoon. We spent almost 2 hours together appreciating what we saw on our walk around our neighborhood.

While on our walk, we also spotted 2 busy squirrels which were not afraid of us because they kept themselves occupied and hardly distracted. Simply in awe..

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An Inspired Message From God

Upon our return, God gave me an inspiration for this message. The truth is we hardly begin our new year with time to pray. The time we spend with God in prayers in the new year often gives us the drive we need to start the year right with Him. Now, the message He dropped in my heart today is in this prayer: ‘How can I be the light that reveals You, not me, Lord Jesus? 

The key word in this question is How? When we ask God How, we are seeking His wisdom to give us His solution. The other key phrase is You, not me and the emphasis is on You. We need to focus on Jesus. Therefore, more of you, Lord Jesus and less of me.

Often time we love the attention we receive from people and we crave for more. This is a warning to those who are ministering in the public  limelight. Be aware! Re-evaluate your motive to check your heart and motive in God’s presence. Straying from God is so easy and tempting, trust me.

When we seek His wisdom, we hear from Him. It only means that we are learning to depend on Him, when we want what He wants, not our hearts want. Although not that our hearts want is wrong.. it simply means what His want is more important than ours. Putting Him first above our wants.

This year’s theme: ‘Go Light Your World’. The light we talk about is revealing who you are in Christ Jesus. According to Colossians 1:27, the Bible says:

27 To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.

What is this mystery that the Bible talks about in the verse? The answer lies in this phrase, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. I urge everyone to do a Bible study on this truth, this year. Make it a resolution to do it either in your Quiet time or with a group.

Challenge For The New Year

Now, take this challenge on, my friends. Let us go light the world around us using the Words of God, which have the power to enable our transformation. Only through that will others see Jesus in and through you. Let this year brings out the exceptional, the excellence only enabled in Christ Jesus who is in you.



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