Cain And Abel

Cain And Abel

 God is cruel and indifferent to some while He is non-existent to others. Today I share the story of two brothers, Cain and Abel. Who are they and why we need to see God in a different light?

When Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they disobeyed God. After the serpent tricked them somehow,  God chased them out of the Garden of Eden as a result of it. God punished all including the serpent. Yet, He made coverings for both Adam and Eve out of skins because they were both naked. Did God care for Adam and Eve despite their disobedience? I believe so! They stayed at the east outside the Garden. The story did not end here. As you can see..

 The Story of Cain And Abel


 The story continued with Eve first gave birth to Cain and later Abel. The pair of brothers were first mentioned in the Bible in Genesis 4. So did God stop caring after knowing that Adam and Eve disobeyed Him and chased them out of the Garden of Eden? Apparently not!

 Why Do We Need To See God In A Different Light?

 One day, Cain offered God a bowl of his fruit of labor from the ground while Abel offered his best fat cattle (lamb) to Him. Now, whose offering do you think please God? Without a doubt, God was happy with Abel’s offering. Cain became angry and God warned him not to let sin enter his heart. Despite God’s warning, out of anger, he killed his brother, Abel. God punished him.  As a result, Cain and his family became nomads.

The story went on to show that Cain complained to God that somehow, God was too harsh in His punishment toward him. Cain got afraid that people wanted to kill him. God did not ignore his plead. Instead He put a sign on him so no one dare take his life. Was God more than fair to him despite what he did?

Was God’s heart broken by all that happened?
The man and woman God created and considered good, disobeyed Him. God’s beloved Abel died. Was He left with a broken heart? Did mankind He created leave Him with a broken heart? Yet, in all His wisdom, He took good care of Adam and Eve and even Cain.
Were the statements that God was cruel and indifferent, fair to Him? How could any one not see the pain He felt through it all? If you’ve been betrayed before,  and someone you’ve loved, taken from you, would you not know what that feels like? Whatever any one says about God, one truth remains, He is never indifferent.
 In Conclusion

In the coming ‘Resurrection Day’, I hope your perception of who God is, changes. What you failed to see before hopefully shed a new light to your understanding of who God truly is.

Would you let God become your Heavenly Father you need today?

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