Roots Or Fruit Matter?

Shallow roots bear no fruit let alone, good fruit. In the same way, it is true of believers in Christ Jesus. The amount of nutrients we receive depends on how deep these roots grow. Therefore it is important to keep a consistent relationship with God.

Like such as, studying the Bible and spending time in God’s presence. This is how established we are and  get rooted in His love together as we fellowship with His holy people.

Often times, we use fruit as a sign to show the health of a tree. Yet we never look at its roots as a sign of a healthy tree. As a result, we overlook a crucial reason for consideration. Incidentally, this brings us to ask the next question.

Why Strong Roots Matter?


On the surface, we tend to look for the fruit instead of looking deep at its roots. Being filled to the measure of all the fullness of God means we need to grow strong roots to grow good fruits. Let me explain this truth.

The depth in which they go, and how they intertwine with others prove the extend how these trees will survive and flourish in the forest. Clearly,  good trees bear much fruit.

For example, the redwood trees grow strong and tall while they are close together and it dies when planted alone in the National park. As believers, we know we can learn this important principle truth.

What Did We Learn?

To grow strong in the Lord, we learn the strength matters as well as the amount of nutrients we receive depends on how deep these roots grow.

Finally, we are not made to grow as a loner.. we are a forest deep in the garden of our Father God.

Note: Credit is given to Hermanto Anggono for this message.