Parental Opinions Matter – No Matter What The Professionals Say

Parental Opinions Matter

When parental opinions are undermined as in Charlie Gard’s case in United Kingdom, who then has the rights? When the States undermine parental opinions arguing that the rights of the child come before his caregivers’ opinions and win, what’s next?

Parental opinions

What Does Charlie Gard’s Passing Reveal To Us? – Parental Opinions

Under the UK law, parental opinions no longer matter and is not considered part of facts for consideration. The rights of a child supersede parental rights in medical care. Now you ask: Who is the best spoke person for the child when the child is unable to voice his opinion? Does the States have the right to make decisions for the child/patient? Do you think the doctors are better judges as compared to the parents? What do you think?

As A Mom Who Value Parental Opinions

I am super nervous about how our world is moving on without some reconsideration about parental rights issue. If you believe a child’s right to die in comfort supersede the rights to life, you may be right on that. I respect what you think and believe.


But, as a mom to my 4-year-old, I cannot take your word for the truth. I care for my son 24 hours, when he is happy, sad and sick. He would not sleep alone without me. Every night, I would make sure he is sound asleep before I leave his room. A tired mom who sometimes long for a few hours to myself, but for David’s sake, gives up entertaining on that idea. For one good reason, I love my son. I would do anything to protect him and keep him safe.

Parental Opinions Are At Risk, What Do We Do About That?

Being a mom, I understand Chris Gard and Connie Yates’s stand for Charlie. Knowing my child, I would do anything to give him a chance to stay alive even if the chance is slim and weak. ‘A small hope is better than no hope‘, that was my thought on Charlie. What makes Chris and Connie’s parental opinions less valid as compared to the doctors? Did Charlie’s parent not care about him when they decide to fight the court to save their son? In Charlie’s case, who is more merciful? Who has the right to decide Charlie’s fate?

Today, an article from Dr. Brown wrote: ‘Were we wrong about Charlie?’ stirred my thought on parental opinion issue. Even though it may be too late for Charlie to receive treatment  I hope we will continue to discuss about parental rights issues and what’s best for us to move forward from Charlie’s story.

My conclusion On Parental Opinions

My conclusion is that parental opinions should matter no matter what stance we take as a society because no one knows a child more than his/her parents do. No one’s opinions matter more than parental opinions.

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