I have a dream for a non-profit to help families

I have a dream that one day I have the courage to set up a non-profit organization to help families who need respite care. How did this dream drift about? Out of my own desperate unmet needs.

Reasons for the need of this non-profit

There are many families in need of some sort of respite care and are not getting the help they need.

  There is no organization offering any kind of help unless families receive Medicare.  Families are expected to live at absolutely poverty level before help is ensured.

This leave several unqualified families, in need of desperate help hanging and struggling on their own.

We need non-profits that are able to provide some sort of help whether or not they qualify for Medicare because let’s face it, all full-time caregivers need respite one time or many.


In fact, full-time caregivers are at high risk of depression, exhaustion. Often they struggle to build healthy marriages and families.

We need to build healthy families and reduce the rate of divorces in this nation. 

Families are expected to survive on their own is a wide spread expectation in our society. Even to these days, we are expected to ‘make it on our own’ regardless.

Non-profit provides breakthrough to families to rebuild and restore

Some families simply need a lift or a push to get through their darkest time. Once they got over that hurdle, they are often able to rebuild and restore on their own.

My goal is to encourage them to give back and help another family struggling like they do and give a helping hand by paying forward.

If truly this movement catches on and families begin to help one another in need, many lives are changed for the better.

We will definitely see a steep decline in the divorce rate in this nation. Families helping families, that’s my ultimate dream come true.

Final challenge

Will you join me and believe that this dream can come true and will one day become a reality with many thriving healthy families and a stronger nation because of it.


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