California Earthquakes – Personal Reflection

California Earthquakes-What Is God Saying?

California earthquakes are common over the years. However, this week, California experienced scares of strong earthquakes within 48 hours. On July 4th, we experienced a 6.4 earthquake centered in the Kern County city of Ridgecrest, near Southern California.

Subsequently, on July 5th we were hit with another 5.4 aftershock in the early morning and a 7.1 stronger earthquake that had its epicenter near Ridgecrest right about 8.20pm that night.

First Emotional Earthquake

My first ever experience of it having been living in the Northern California for 11 years going 12. It was in the late morning, while I was seated on a sofa in my backroom, busy with my phone. Suddenly, I felt my sofa rolling.. I stop and tried to understand what was happening.
There I felt that rolling again.. and it kept rolling for a while. Thinking I imagined everything up, all in my head, I hurried to affirm what happened. I asked my father-in-law if he felt something and he confirmed an earthquake just occurred.
I ran and asked my husband if he felt it. He was still in bed while my 6-year-old was still asleep. In a way, I was nervous and yet excited at the same time. Does anyone know that complex feeling..? So, that was how I finally experienced my very first earthquake.

Second Nerve Wrecking California Earthquake

Never would I imagine that my second experience of it would be just a day after. I was relaxing and was on Facebook at the time when the second occurred. This time it was different. I felt the quake and it was strong. I saw our house ‘moving’. It wasn’t just my chair or my sofa but the entire house moved. It lasted for a quite a while in which I was told it lasted 45 seconds.
This time, I got my son’s attention and he felt something. After the initial fear went off, he resumed to playing his games. I wasn’t sure what I needed to do, to leave or stay. Finally, the ‘moving’ stopped. My husband and father-in-law who were more experienced than me, were however, calmer. My second time experiencing earthquake was more nerve wrecking, definitely.

‘Is God addressing California Earthquakes’? Where would I want to spend my eternity?

Back to my initial question, ‘Is God addressing California’? The truth is I do not know. But, the experiences did get me thinking about my relationship with Him. The truth is I need to address where I would want to spend my eternity. If I should die tonight, would I die in peace knowing where I would spend my eternity?
Never be deceived that just because you were once saved, therefore you are forever saved. If for some reasons, you have kept your sin, refusing to give it up, this would be the time to do so. Go and get right with God. Be sure that you are ready to meet Him any time.
May God have mercy on my soul.
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