Turning Point Is Critical For Greater Blessing

Turning Point Is Scary

Turning point is scary for every new mom, but is so critical for future blessings. Do you resist changes in your journey? I know I do, you are not alone. My little dude who just turns 7, has been home schooled since he started Kindergarten. This year, in his 2nd grade, he is attending a public school and I am nervous.

Turning point

Yokomi Elementary Science and Technology Magnet School

Why am I nervous?

Public schools in California are not Christians friendly. Bullying is a huge problem and academically advanced learners are often not schools top priority. Therefore, they are academically unchallenged and advanced students are held back.

Turning point – I am excited and hopeful

Every turn that happens in our lives is God’s provision for something new. In other words, God is working out something new and it is exciting. Every change is important because God has a purpose for that change.

Why am I excited despite being nervous? When I was praying for David about attending public school, I asked to put him in a good school. God answered my prayer. I never imagine that David would attend a magnet school because the path was difficult. Yet, God opened that impossible door for him. I knew right away that God would take care of David.

Meanwhile, in my inner heart I knew God has had something for me as well. He eased my nervousness and reminded me that He is in control. He gave me John 14:27. Therefore, with that inner peace, I surrendered.

Turning point
David turns 7 and he is enjoying school

Just 3 weeks into attending his new school, I saw David flourished and growing up. He is learning to interact with his peers in school. At the same time, he learns to follow instructions and solving his own problems in school. Truly, God is taking care of him.

In His perfect time, God will work out all things good

Do you believe God has His perfect timing for all things? Every season has its purpose and God is in control and He works out all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)

In conclusion, do not resist new changes. Instead, let Him fulfill His purpose in you and your family for the new season in your life.