Lisa Page – What can we learn from her?

Lisa Page-An Opinion Piece

Lisa Page was interviewed and that story was made public on Sunday (12/01/2019).  What do we know about her? She is an American former FBI attorney who served under former FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe. If you are interested to learn more about her, click on this link.Lisa Page

Today, I focus on my personal thought based on her interview with Daily Beast that first appeared on Sunday in the news. It is not my intention to bash her further while she suffers. But, through this article, I hope to bring out some lessons we can learn.

 “I try to keep my life together”

Lisa became a talking point figure when her personal text messages with another senior FBI agent Peter Strzok appeared on the headline news. Clearly they were a couple and they had an affair for a stretch of time. They kept their relationship a secret from the others until Strzok’s wife found out about their affair.

Eventually, according to the published interview, Lisa’s husband forgave her affair and  kept their marriage together with their 2 young children. Infidelity is the ultimate betrayal of a spouse. It is an act not likely and easily forgive. Unless the spouse  treasure the relationship and is committed to the marriage, this marriage is doom to fail.

 She held her life well by a man who committed himself to her in marriage. Similarly, I believe he kept their life together.

Lisa Page- What lessons can we learn from her?

When you decide to marry, choose a spouse who commits to the union. In a sense, Lisa got married to a man who is committed and a great husband. She got it right! However, she took this man for granted.

Lesson #1 – Do not cast pearls before swine. Do not invest your time and energy on someone who will end up trampling on your effort.

Lesson #2 – Step into your marriage with your eyes opened. Basically knows what you are getting into. Be sure to know that LOVE is not blind. To LOVE someone is an act of self-sacrifice.

Lesson #3 – When one chooses to forgive, let it be wholeheartedly. Do not hold your spouse as a hostage. Forgive the past completely and start a fresh. Erase the past without a trace. If you can do that, your marriage will be strong, stronger than ever.

Lesson #4 – If you commit adultery and your spouse forgave you, show remorse and repent. Commit to change. Commit to a better you. Put your best effort to change because likely, there will not be any second chance. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Final piece of advice to Lisa Page

Lisa, please take your time to reflect on what you did. That is an act that almost tear your family apart. These are some good questions to ask yourself. First of all, question #1: ‘How did your action hurt those who truly love you?’

Question #2: ‘Why you deserve to be forgiven?’ Question #3: ‘Look deep into the eyes of your children and the man who loves you and tell me you deserve forgiveness after what you did to them?’

Above all, here is my final piece. Similarly, the only way you can move forward is to commit yourself to your family. Here is how you can make a plan to commit to change as well as to a better you for the sake of your family. Please stay out of the media, Lisa.

At the same time, it is important that you recognize it is not President Trump’s fault, neither is it your affair partner, Peter Strozk. The fault lies on you. I ask that you own up and turn from the wrong you did. Then you will move forward with your life and be happy.


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