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Surgery for the first time

Surgery for the first time with our little ones, never comes easy for all new moms. Neither did it come easy for me. Yesterday, David underwent a major dental surgery for the first time in his life. Meanwhile, mom’s anxiety level went up through the roof.


It was a difficult day for me especially because David had his first general anesthesia dental work procedure and we have no idea how he would respond to the medicine. On the other hand, my anxiety level went on a overdrive mood since the day before.

“Nothing can prepare you for that day”

As a new mom, every milestone of your child matters. Some, you love to share with your families and friends. Some, you cannot wait to get there and some you just drag going there. This new experience for David, became my stressful learning experience as his mom.Surgery

When we first learned that he had to undergo this surgery, Dan and I did all we could to prepare for this day. We searched and learned about what to do. What to expect and how to prepare for that day.

My personal advice for this, just be brave and go through it with lots of prayers. The truth is no matter how well you think you are prepared for this day, you are never prepared for the unexpected. When everything went well and smooth, you are most thankful for loved ones prayers and God’s peace.

“Go into the new experience knowing that you are covered in prayers and God’s presence is with you and your family.”

Surgery – knows that you are not alone – works with your spouse

Here is one important reminder. Heroes are unnecessary, works through this new experience with your spouse. There is nothing wrong to let your spouse know your stress, your anxiety and you need support.

While we tried to prepare for David’s dental surgery last week, we discovered he had head lice and nits. What do you do in a situation like this? I had every bedding and pillow covers washed in hot water. Basically, only feeling relieved when the house is fully clean.

We got an electronic comb that kills all lice and nits when in contact. In fact today, we did another round to make sure all lice and nits are dead. We have plenty to raise our stress level but, keep in mind, to let your spouse help out and you do not need to be your child’s hero.

In conclusion, do not let stress cripple you. Let your spouse help you, and know that nothing can prepare you for that day. Just be brave and go through it with lots of prayers, support and God’s peace. You can get through it and you can do this!

Have a great week and thank you for reading this.

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