Trump Era Brought Some Good Lessons

Is Trump impeached or is he not?

Trump is impeached!‘ The media appeared to celebrate together with the House Democrats this week. On the night after the House Democrats voted using 2 articles of impeachment to impeach the President and passed it.


This headline ‘Trump is impeached!‘was echoed by several media and reporters from Washington Post appeared to celebrate saying: ‘Merry Impeach-mas!‘ that night the House passed the votes to impeach him.

The Day after

After that celebration, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a Media conference, to announce her decision to withhold the 2 articles of impeachment from the Senate.

She attempted to use the ploy to force Senate to comply to her demands for a fair trial to impeach the President. Meanwhile prior to that, Minority House Republicans complained about how unfair the impeachment inquiry process was.

However,   An article from Bloomberg cautioned the House Speaker to forward their agenda, because any delay could cost Democrats disastrous outcome. At this point, we could safely conclude that as long as the House Speaker continue to withhold the articles of impeachment from the Senate, our President was and is not impeached!

Has the ‘Hate for Trump’ triumph?

Above all, is this the end of Trump era? I would like to think not. Listen to me. Despite the controversial clashes between Democrats and Republicans, the people of America gotten some good lessons out of this conflict. How? Let me explain.

‘Drain the swamp!’ This signature promise got Trump elected in 2016. He won over Hillary Clinton and became our 45th President. Today he fought hard to drain that swamp.

Who are the swamp? That is a great question! Now, let me explain how the route to impeachment started. Shortly after his inauguration, Democrats accused the President of colluding with Russia and because of that, he stole the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. Democrats got angry and demanded for his impeachment.

As the result that, Mueller’s investigation began. Subsequently, America held this man responsible for the truth and He spent 2 and a half years trying to find what happened.

Meanwhile, Mueller’s report came out and found no evidence in Trump colluding with Russia. However, several of his associates and advisor received sentences with months to years of imprisonment. Mueller concluded his report on one questionable key point. Was he guilty of ‘obstruction of justice’? He left that to Congress to decide his fate.

 Was there anything good that came out of Trump era? Let me elaborate why I thought there was. For instance, out of this conflict, we had Attorney General William Barr whom I came to respect. In addition, 3 years into Trump’s presidency, we found out some truth.

Through Barr, we learned from Inspector General, Michael Horowitz’s report, after investigating the origin of Mueller’s investigation that what we thought would never happen, happened.

So, what did we learn? We had evidence that our system got rigged.  FBI & CIA, attempted to take our President out of the office through deception and corruption. There was possible collusion between DNC and FBI against Trump’s campaign.

Opinion – Unless United States government convicts its people that wrong is corrected, that justice prevails. No American will ever trusts the justice department. Similarly, this interference intercept by FBI cannot happen again. Most of all, no future President should have to go through this.

At the same time, we also learn biased Media against our President exist and they manipulate. We discover how the media brainwash the citizens. The Trump era teaches us the need for critical thinking and the need to trust our instinct.

For instance, the average people got to know what fake news are. They are better at identifying what are facts now from those that are not. They realize that speculations are not facts. Similarly, they are aware that conspiracy theories are dangerous.

In conclusion, whatever the outcome is, people have grown in their way of seeking the truth. They will be smarter and not easily manipulated in the future.

Should ‘Hate for Trump’ triumph? No! I hope not. If America succeed in impeaching a President based on their hate for him, without any substantial evidence of wrong doing and got convicted, America is doomed. What is the future for our next President?

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