Year End Personal Reflections And Blessings

Year End Personal Reflections

The year is coming to an end for 2019 and I took sometime to reflect on this year. I am thankful for how God kept us in check several moments throughout the year. The blessings that I personally received because we made a decision to put David in Yokomi Elementary  (Science and Technology Magnet) School. In light of that, let me begin.

Year End Hindsight – God is awesome and wise

For instance, in hindsight, as I reflect on the year, I realize the wisdom and goodness of God is beyond our understanding. What do I mean? We made a decision to put David in a public school.

Year End

Did we have a choice? On one hand, we could in fact continue with CAVA (our homeschooling option). On the other hand, I could continue to struggle taking care both David’s schooling and my father-in-law’s needs.

The two years of working through both, got me feeling exhausted and a need to change our plans. In reality, we did not have a choice. We had to either change of course of plans or I died exhausted. We got to do something different. As a mom, I was stubborn.

I felt unless David got to attend a good public school or I would persist on our original plans. I would bit my teeth with grit and get him through his new school year. In retrospect, it was never a good plan and God knew it.

God in His wisdom intervene and gave us the best. Long story short, God made an opening possible for David to attend Yokomi Elementary. We grabbed it and the rest was history. What an awesome blessing!

This decision we made, with God’s blessings, gave both me and Dan, my husband, precious time together. We did not see the benefits of that decision we made until much later. It was like God knew we need it.

Personal Blessings and more

There were two major highlights this year, personally for me. David was given two free tickets to Big Fresno Fair in October. Above all, I got to ascot him to the Fair.

After being here in Fresno for about 11 years, believe it or not, it was my first trip to the Fair just as it was for David. However, he had to write a journal on his experience to the fair. It was amazing by the way! Needless to say, we had a great time there ( daddy was not there).  Shhsh..

Year End

On December 13th, the day before David’s school closed for Winter break, Mrs Giometti gave me the opportunity to chaperone David’s class for a field trip to watch Nutcracker at Saroyan Theater in Fresno.¬† It was another amazing experience I truly enjoyed and I was thankful for it.

Did I anticipate all these when we made a decision to put him in a public school? No, absolutely not! Through it all, we learned that we should not take our time together for granted.

In conclusion, we had to learn we need to make deliberate decisions to make time for ourselves if we are going to survive, not just for our marriage but also our family. So we have to consider taking care of ourselves before taking care of another.

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