Lock in and pray in times of uncertainty

Lock in and pray because drastic time warrant drastic measures. As a country, we are told to lock down and enforce social distancing. What a scary time we are in. As believers, we can do something.

Lock in and pray

We can buckle down and pray for our nation. This is the time we need to seek God. We have the ability to call on God to intervene and divert a disaster. Prayer warriors I beseech you, act now and the time is now.

When fear and worry overwhelm us, we become paralyzed. As a consequence of that we become unproductive. We can either dwell in worries or buckle down and turn to God’s ability.

Lock in

Lock in then soak in God’s promises

The best defense is to soak ourselves in God’s promises. We know that everything is uncertain right now. But, we also know that God is certainly faithful. He is our pillar of hope and peace.

Remember when God’s people wondered for forty years, two pillars guided them through the journey. For example, the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night. What did the pillars signify?

Move in God’s sight

God was with them through the journey. Although they went through the wilderness for several years, God continued to watch over them in times of uncertainty.

Why did God allow that? I don’t know but maybe they needed to learn something and grow in their faith in God. One thing we know for sure, they were never alone.

Trust in God’s sovereignty

In our sense of uncertainty, trust in God’s ability to have peace because we know God is in control. He is the light we look for at the end of that tunnel. Yet, we know, God also provide the light we need for each step of our way. Psalm 119:105 says:

” Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

Credit to Maranatha! Music


As we conclude, let this article reminds us to buckle down and pray, to soak ourselves in God’s promises because He is faithful. We continue to trust in God’s sovereignty because when everything else are not certain, the God we believe, is in control. May you be blessed.

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