COVID 19 isn’t politics – its about saving lives

COVID 19 Pandemic 2020

COVID 19 isn’t politics, its about saving American lives. What can we learn from this year’s pandemic? That all American lives matter.

Politicians need to stop playing politics. At the same time, media need to work on providing American people accurate facts, not propaganda.

That is, if we are going to survive this pandemic together.

It is not time to press your agenda

Can we ride through this wave with least damage, more lives saved? In 2009, we went through a H1N1 flu pandemic with about 12,000 lives lost.

On the other hand, I will not blame any politicians for the fallout. However, there are certain points that I hope our politicians will address after this pandemic is over.

Be better prepared for future deadly pandemics


I hope Congress (House and Senate) will address this issue seriously with the future White House administration.

At the Federal level, we need to enforce measures. Such as, enforcing both (Democrats and Republicans) to stockpile medical supplies at a certain quota, annually. Therefore, it should be non-negotiable.

Being smart and getting ready for a disaster, is the right thing to do. Any time, the stockpile is low, replenish. That is, regardless of party. American people need our government to take care of us not play politics.

COVID 19- What can we learn from this?

In time like this, we learn that we are all globally connected whether we like it or not. Meanwhile, pandemics are here to stay. The degree of it, is what we need to study on.

Politicians need to put aside their agenda and work together. Why? All American lives matter, whether Democrats or Republicans, all lives matter.

We need to stop the hate

If we are indeed going to survive through this pandemic, we need everyone to unite. Democrats or Republicans, media or propaganda, we need each other to make it through.

New York City cheering on for their front-line medical workers

This is the spirit of support and love we need to see from one another. It is not about our fight that will eventually make that difference. It will be our unity that will get us through this wave.

In conclusion

Not many will agree on this but the truth is, we need each other. Our hate will lead us nowhere. Stay safe together and we will ride through this pandemic, better than ever.

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