Palm Sunday – Why we celebrate?

Palm Sunday Celebration

Palm Sunday is the Sunday before the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Why is it so important for believers to pay attention to that special day?

In the past years, I have not mentioned the significance of this day. However, in light of this year’s theme, I believe, it is appropriate to share my thought on it.

Palm Sunday
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Reasons for celebration

This year, I talked a lot on preparation and part of it was to get ready for something important. Palm Sunday was Jesus preparing for the most important even of his life. It also prepared everyone for what was about to happen.

Did we know what was Jesus thinking when he rode on the donkey as he entered Jerusalem? Did he ever doubt? If you were Jesus, what would you do?

Palm Sunday – Reasons He did it

Palm Sunday
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One reason was to remind ourselves that on that Sunday, the crowd honored Him. They fulfilled God’s plan, whether they knew it or not. Our existence could become part of God’s plan and purpose.

Another reason to celebrate, was to remind ourselves that Jesus thought of you and me while he rode down the street of Jerusalem. He did not give in to His emotions. Ultimately, He did it for us. He did it to fulfill His Father’s plan. Imagine, what if He decided not to go through the plan?

The story of Palm Sunday

Finally, we need to know that it was time. It was His time. The time has come that He was to fulfill what He was here for. He was about to die on the Cross, then resurrect in 3 days after His death.

Do you know that God has a purpose for you? For instant, God has a plan for your life. When you know God, you learn about His plan for your life.

In conclusion

Let us remember how special this day is. This is the day we celebrate God’s goodness. He prepared Jesus all along for time like this. Thank you Jesus for not giving up on us.

We are able to live purposeful lives because Jesus show us how He did it. We owe Jesus our freedom. Have a blessed and safe Palm Sunday everyone!

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