Story Behind – Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus

Story behind this beautiful hymn – Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus

Story behind great hymns often lift up our faith. These stories touch our lives more than any other. These men and women lived to tell their stories in order to pen down their deepest thoughts and their enduring faith.

We feel honored to read their stories through these amazing hymns. So in light of that, we share this beautiful hymn called ‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus’.

As it begins

This one started with a beautiful sunny day. A day where nothing could go wrong and a family enjoying their time together at a picnic. A perfect couple spent their beautiful afternoon with their daughter.

However, in an instant, their lives changed. That is a little girl lost her beloved father that day and a blissful wife became a widow. Life is therefore full of unexpected events.

According to God tube, here is the full record of what happened that day.

Story behind

Story behind the hymn

It was a beautiful sunny day. Louisa M. Stead, her husband, and her daughter Lily decided to go for a picnic. They went picnicking on Long Island Sound. While having their picnic, the Steads heard a scream. It was from a young boy.

Mr. Stead ran to the rescue. Louisa Stead and young Lily watched helplessly as Mr. Stead and the boy drowned. Their troubles were not over yet, however, and without her husband, Mrs. Stead became very poor and destitute.Yet God never left her. He provided for her always and she and her daughter made it through.

Louisa learned to trust God, and thus the words to the song ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus.’ Shortly after this incident, Louisa and her daughter Lily moved to South Africa where they became missionaries.

Lets listen to this beautiful hymn

Despite the tragedy, Louisa chose to see God’s faithfulness and His ability to provide for her and lily’s needs. She went on to pen this beautiful hymn expressing her gratitude to Jesus, her Lord and provider.

I am thankful

I am thankful today because through her life of courage, I have this wonderful hymn in me knowing that I can be brave like her. Therefore, trusting in Jesus in times of uncertainty and unforeseen circumstance in my life.

Be encouraged

Lets draw strength from this wonderful hymn and trust in God’s provision even though there are times we cannot feel or see Him at work. He is always right there with us all.

May you and your family be blessed in this season. Be strong and encouraged. Our God is mighty and you are not alone.

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