Uncertain times reveal the real you

Uncertain times is an honest indicator

Uncertain times often reveal what’s hidden within. It is an honest indicator of who you really are. What do you mean? When life is good, you enjoy the fruit of your labor. Right?

However, when life becomes tough, what you do reflect what’s truly within. It also reveals things you may never consider before in good times. Most of all, it spotlights on what you are capable as well as what you lack.

Uncertain times
Uncertain times bring out either the best or the worst in us.

Challenges reveal who we really are

If you are tough, the toughness in you illuminates. If you on the other hand, cannot take toughness, in difficult times, you either collapse or rise up. Why? Challenges push us to our limit.

Often, these moments in our lives give us a good indication of who we really are. Subsequently, they give us a clear picture of what we are made of. There are 4 different groups that I would like to discuss today.

During challenging times, are you a hoarder? Are you a giver? Are you a oppressor? Or are you one who overcome? Sometimes, you get surprises that you never know you have in you. Lets look at each one closely as we go along.

Uncertain times – Are you a hoarder?

When corona-virus initially break out in United States, we suddenly found ourselves run out of toilet papers. We joke about it all the time in the social media networks. But, it is true. People hoard toilet papers.

Why do people hoard? Those who hoard things are often insecure especially during a time of uncertainty. Yet, many who hoard prepare themselves for some tougher time for the long haul.

They make projection, in preparation for the future and sometimes, over react, thus creating a dilemma unknowingly. Hoarders are however survivors because they always react ahead of time. Like they say, early birds get the worms. Hoarders are not all bad

However, there is one particular group that I detest. They hoard for their pleasure. Such behavior is called self-indulgence. If you hoard for necessity I can understand and such behavior is expected. Those who hoard to indulge in their pleasure need to learn to share with those who do not have enough.

Uncertain times
A giver is a very special person

Are you a giver?

Givers shine so brightly in time like this. They are always ready to give and they will naturally look for opportunities to give. In uncertain times, our society need them.

For instance, whether it’s time, financial and or energy, they will avail themselves to those in needs. The truth is, they never tired when it comes to giving. A giver will give no matter what.

A giver makes sacrifices for the greater good. In such time, they naturally put others’ needs before theirs. Sometimes, you get surprises and you realize you have more to give than you think you have.

That is a pleasant surprise to someone who never realize it.

Are you an oppressor?

If you oppress others, you are a bully. You are also a control freak. You are constantly in need to control others around you. In challenging time, you tend to demand for control because you feel insecure without it.

In such time, you need to learn to let go of that urge to take full control of the situation. Finally, let others help you when you feel helpless. Give someone you trust the opportunity to take charge what you cannot.

If you become an oppressor under stress because you cannot cope, get help. Let someone know you need help. Call helpline if need to, talk to someone who can help you and know that it is okay to ask for help if you need it.

Uncertain times – Are you an over-comer?

It is awesome to know you overcome a tough situation. You have what it takes to become an over-comer. You are stronger and better because you never give up when it gets challenging. Give yourself a pat on your back.

In difficult time, look out for over-comers and seek them out intentionally. Let them know how proud you are and remind them they are heroes of such a time.

The truth is when you overcome challenges in uncertain times, you see a new you, you’ve never know it exists before.

In conclusion

So, which group are you? Are you a hoarder that you suspect all along? Or are you a giver, an oppressor or to your surprise, an over-comer?