Mystery of Life

Mystery of life transforms your outlook and perspective in a split second, from ordinary to extra-ordinary. Here I am, back behind the computer desk typing away once again. Two years after I last penned my thoughts, I return to writing again. The lockdown in California drew me to the backyard by these tiny creatures, sharing our resources.

Mystery of life
Mystery of life

How Mystery Struck

How it started was nothing short of an ordinary mundane morning and yet extra-ordinary because my eyes spotted a tiny creature, motionless and it almost felt dead. In the next instance, my life changed. My perspective differed and the implication was profound.

From an intense love for macro photography to an addiction to gardening. From a woman often questioning about herself, full of self-doubt, to growing confidence and realizing a potential she never thought she has.

That tiny creature turned out to have a name. I later found out that it was a painted lady butterfly. Through the lens, I saw her eyes, the patterns on her wings, her long curly tongue and her hairy legs. In that instance, I declared she was beautiful.

Painted lady butterfly

Mystery of life That Seeks Perfection

The next day, I spent an hour each morning for an entire year, just to catch a glimpse of tiny creatures in the backyard. At the same time, in my best effort, I learned to capture thousands of images just so I could obtain that one perfect shot. Perfection drove me on from one to another and before I knew it, I had about a dozen captures. Over time self-doubt left me and as a result, I became passionate in macro photography.

I started working on my mother-in-law’s front yard garden while hoping to attract new species. I put my vision onto the paper and with some assistance from my husband, I finally saw the fairy garden came to live.

Fiery Skimmer dragonfly
A busy honeybee
Mystery of life

Mystery of life