2016 Here We Come!

As 2016 is fast approaching, 2016, ready or not, here we come.

Do you believe God has something beautiful waiting for you? He is stirring up a whole new excitement, awaiting to be unfolded and released. Let 2016 be a brand new journey for greater growth and be filled with powerful testimonies for God. Time to see a change.

2015 was an awesome year for DOTA. The 2015 theme was ‘The Call Of God’. We introduced a new segment, invited  a special guest to journal on her own ‘Call of God’ journey. If you wish to read her story, click on our featured special guest. We even started our first project this year. God gave us several inspirational messages and amazing revelations both this year and next.

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What is the message for 2016?

The theme for 2016 is ‘Go Light Your World’.  God has a message for DOTA. Daughters Of The Almighty do not live in fear. Go, and light your world around you. Let the light (Jesus) in you, shine forth through you. Stop hiding behind your spouses, best of friend, leaders, Pastors, bosses, children. Be courageous and bold in the name of Jesus. Believe that God is able to speak His truth in and through you. Be His vessel to win souls.

Do not be busy for the sake of being busy. Take time to draw close to Him. Let Him be the first you greet and the last before your take your rest. Let Him be on the throne of your heart. In everything you do, do it all for His glory.

What can we expect?

We can expect greater blessings,  more revelations and higher inspirations from God. Do you believe it? A new year ushers in a new beginning. Let God creates something beautiful in 2016.  We know we are ready, are you?