Arise, Let Hope Arise

Arise from within

Arise, let HOPE Arise today. Believe there is HOPE. Such a HOPE that stretches beyond our life span here on this earth. Most importantly, are you aware the best part of this Good News is HOPE is not dependent on your good works.

It is too good to be true? Yes, you may think so but it comes a with great sacrifice from our creator God. Have you ever ponder on the mystery of life and at the same time, do you long for hope and peace in your life?


The Path to Hope, Peace And Life

Just like you have no control over how you come into existence. In addition to that, you have no control over how you will depart from this earth. Scary? So instead of gripping and tearing apart what you have no control over, think about through God’s GRACE, the path to HOPE, PEACE and LIFE.

Ever wonder why hope is not dependent on your good works? Aren’t we expected to regard our good works as sacred? After all, many religions regard good works as the path to divinity. However, the truth is quite the contrary to those basic beliefs.

For instance, do you know God provides the solution while we are still struggling to understand? God did it already by sacrificing His Only Begotten Son Jesus Only to provide HOPE through His Son Jesus that NONE shall perish if they Only Believe.

As you prepare for this season to celebrate. Remember, Jesus the REASON for this SEASON. He is the HOPE, PEACE and LIFE you long for. In Him, you find them all.


Why Christmas Is Celebrated?

Christmas is worth celebrating because JESUS DIED to pay the PRICE.The BIRTH of Jesus is the beginning of HOPE. The DEATH of Jesus is the fulfillment of HOPE. The RESURRECTION of Jesus is the POWER of HOPE.

Arise, Hope In Your Spirit

In conclusion, let HOPE stirs something NEW in your hearts this Christmas! Let HOPE arises in your spirit and let HOPE carries you through the new year. If you are interested to get some encouragement for next year, like us on our Facebook Page