Be Prepared In Season And Out Of Season

Be Prepared – Welcome to 2020

Be prepared and get ready for 2020. However, ever wonder what’s in store for you in the year 2020? What does God intent that you do in this new year? The key phrase is to prepare, in other words, be ready. Be ready in season and out of season. For what? You may ask.

Be ready for something great

If you believe God has something great in store for you, this message is for you. God is calling His people to get ready in season and out of season for something great. What does God mean when He says: ‘Be ready in season and out of season’?

For instance, have you heard of a young boy named Simon Birch? If you have watch this amazing movie, you know that this special boy believed God had a special purpose for his life. He was born for something great and special.

Simon Birch

However, life was not easy for Simon. People teased and bullied him often. Though he was physically small, he loved baseball and swimming. He believed God had a great purpose for him. Never once, did he lose sight of that.

Everyday, without fail, he dived under water to see how long he could stay in the water. He recorded the time and the length in which he stayed underwater. He would practice the same thing over a long period of time.

Until one day, he went on a road trip with his school. On the way in the bus, an unfortunate incident happened. The kids got trapped under when the bus overturned and landed in the deep water.

Simon immediately got into action. He saved all his friends that day. However, in the end, he did not make it and he passed away. He saved everyone while sacrificing his own life. He became a well beloved hero.

Be prepared in season and out of season

Often we have no idea what God wants from us. Are you Simon Birch? You know God has something great in store for your life. But you have no idea what it entails. God is saying to you: ‘My sons and daughters, be ready in season and out of season‘.

Keep your focus on God

To prepare for ME any time now. Keep your focus on ME! When it is time, you will do well. If you have lost all hope because for so long, nothing happens. This is the season to watch and keep close to God with great expectation. Be ready for anything to come!