Christ In You Hope Of Glory

Last night my husband and I talked about life and one thing stood out. That is hope. It is so important for many, for without it, life perish. This question; ‘Why is hope so important?’ arrested me all through the night. Thus, today, I feel the need to discuss this with all of you. Let’s begin shall we?

What is hope? According to Google, it states it as ‘a feeling of expectation and wish for a certain thing to happen’. In Romans 8:24-25, the Bible says:

“For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience”

If we compare this verses with what faith is, we see the correlation between the two. In Hebrew 11: 1, the Bible says:
“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”

To live by faith we need to know what’s our hope. Now, I ask you: ‘What’s yours?’ In other word, what’s your expectation for your life?’ Is your life about simply living for the day and expect to die at old age, with nothing to look forward to? Is that why God saved us? Is this all that we can expect or is there more?

The verse that taunted me all through this year is found in Colossians 1:27, it says:
“ To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. “
One thing we do know, that is, this verse talks to believers of Jesus Christ. Unless you know and walk with Him, this verse does not apply to you. So believers, listen up. Our hope lies in living out the lives that Christ Jesus teaches.  That is, Christ Jesus who is in us, gives it to us.  For what you may ask? The hope to live out His glory in us.
Are we wrong to believe we are that insignificant to a point, we dare not hope for greatness? Stop listening to the lies, often times spoken to you that nothing great can happen. In Christ Jesus, He has a purpose for you for the Kingdom of God. Do not live short of what God intends.
One encouragement I received from today is this, we are not alone. Jesus  who is in us will enable us to live it out.  So, what is it about? It is a hope to live out His glory, therefore, are we expected to live a life of extra-ordinary? The question is not why, but why not?

Know and believe this today. Your destiny is to live out and shine His glory, not yours but His! It is time.. the time is now.