Dark Hates Jesus!

Dark hates Jesus, do you know that?

Simply for one good reason. Jesus is greater than the darkness in the world. That’s no room for fear in believers lives. The fear of the dark is real for some believers. But, that is how darkness take hold of us, our fear. Today, we need  freedom.


Today is that day you are free from your fear of the darkness. The fear of the dark drives us to immobilization. What do you mean? Fear cripples our every attempt to do something that requires us to activate our faith. Faith requires that we put our trust in the power above our control. Faith requires us to trust God as we move into the unknown. How can we move forward if our fear immobilize us?

Fear of darkness dis-empowers believers to live victorious lives as God intended. Believers need to rise up and take hold of the promises that God gives us each  victory over the darkness.

Why do we allow darkness to cripple our purpose driven lives?

The one obvious reason is our fear to fight back. Have you caught yourself saying this: ‘For as long as I’m left alone, I’m fine!’? The devil will not disturb ‘your nest’ unless you have become a threat to its existence. Believers, spiritual war fares are real. Some of you understand what I mean because you have personally experienced it.

We challenge the dark force in our prayers. The Kingdom of God is not of this world because this world does not know Him nor recognize the things of Heaven. We can continue to live in denial but will only live as powerless believers. Powerless to the darts of the evil, powerless to victories that God would gladly give us. Is this the kind of life you rather choose?

Another reason for allowing darkness to cripple us is our reluctance for confrontation. We get tired of the spiritual battles that are ongoing as long as we belong to Jesus. We are relying on our knowledge of who God is not the source of our daily bread, the Bible.

The Bible is our  only weapon of defense to defeat the darkness. Any other source is not effectual. To win any spiritual battle, we need the power that comes from the Word of God and our faith. We need to believe when God says in 1 John 4:4

“You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.”

The Jesus who is inside you, is greater than the darkness outside (in the world). Claim it and believe it because this is where you reclaim victory in your life. Remember this: The darkness is so afraid of the Jesus inside you believers.

Time to arise and shine like the day believers because it is about time we refuse to live in defeat, dis-empowered and dis-enabled to the life that God creates and intend for us.