Does God Surprise Us With A Call?

Does God surprise us with an unexpected call?
This is an interesting question that I would like to discuss today. In other word, does He interrupt our day with a special reminder to ‘call Him back’? Yes, of course He does! What do you mean?
Just this past couple of days ago, my husband saw a picture that triggered an unexplained dream he had the night before. In fact, he felt uneasy because what he saw in that picture, looked eerily similar to what he saw in his dream. Of course he shared it on Facebook. Here’s the picture.
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Surprise ‘Call Me Back’ Message

God impressed upon my heart to tell my husband to spend time with God about the dream he saw. Does God show a major calamity about to come through a dream revealed to us? Yes! It happened and so we need to take Him seriously when He interrupts our day with a ‘Call Me Back’ message.
A Message For Prayer Warriors
Prayer warriors need to take note of this seriously. When He interrupts your day, drop all you are doing and in your prayer closet, seek God for an answer. This has to come as a second nature in us because His unexpected call can save thousands and in the same way, can lost thousands in a day because of our unbelief and disobedience.
We are clearly living in the end times. We need to respond quickly to His ‘Call Me Back’ message. When He does that, it is because He wants to show great and mighty mystery to you. It’s a privilege not a burden. Remember that. Draw close to Him and He will draw close to you.

Take courage sons and daughters of the Almighty. He chose to reveal great mystery to you because you are His child. He chose to give to you what others would never know.