New Earth And New Heaven

‘Are we there yet?’ An interesting question that we often hear from our young kids if you are a parent. This morning, it acts as a reminder that we are definitely on our way.. but, soon we will reach that intended destination meant for us. Now, you ask: ‘Where and what is that?’ The New Earth, and the New Heaven.

 When God created the Earth in the beginning,’ it was good’, He said,  as He intended. Then man sinned and fall short of His glory.  Later, He destroyed the Earth, saved the animals and Noah’s family, thinking a new earth will come out of that? A good question.. Yet again.. Noah’s line down the track sinned. What to do?

 Was the word ‘restoration’ always on God’s mind? I believe it was so. Do you ever long for all things  restored back to its original state? Good and perfect! The truth is we never know until we’ve created something massive, like the earth. The heart and passion that is in place to create this massive galaxy, Universe. What do we know..?
 Then God has had a plan.

He Sent His very own beloved, Jesus, as the solution to restore everything that had gone so wrong. Therefore, Jesus was and is the answer to making us the ‘New Man’ through the Mighty work of the Holy Spirit. When Jesus is the Lord of our lives, the Bible says: ‘Behold the old is gone, and the new has begun’. (2 Corinthians 5:17) We become ‘New’.

 The ‘New Man’ is God’s intent. So, does all these make sense? God will get His people ready for what He’s going to remake, that is the New Earth and the New Heaven. We will become His New Jerusalem, His Holy City. It now makes sense, don’t you think? God’s purpose in restoration is to prepare His beloved, His people, to live with Him in this New Earth and New Heaven. Are you getting excited? I know I do.
 Yet, one question keeps popping up: ‘Are you ready for this adventure?’ The next question is not: ‘Do you know Jesus?’ as many would ask. In fact, it is this: ‘Does Jesus know you? and ‘what would  He said about you?’ The words ‘faithful’ and ‘true’ appear in the Book of Revelation many times. Would we find ourselves both faithful and true to Jesus at the end of our journey in this life on earth? If in any doubt, seek God and He shall be found.
 In conclusion, the question ‘are we there yet?’ is a good question to ask God and ourselves and it’s about time we ponder on this. For the Bible also says that Jesus is coming soon for His bride. Will we be ready when He comes?