Purpose? The Insignificant me!

Searching For A Purpose? The Insignificant Me!

Obedience is the key to understanding the what – meaning the purpose that God intends to accomplish in our lives. Sometimes in our search for the purpose in our lives, we look inside ourselves and we found nothing.

Ever feel that no matter what you try to do and can do, is of no significance to any one? Can I make a difference? God encouraged me today. What matters is not what I can do. It is established through my availability and the power of God because I choose to obey and trust in Him. God showed me through this video, my insignificance and how He can through His Spirit lead me through it. Watch this: The Drop Box


This video inspired me not to give up doing what little I can do. The little that I do, matters. Pastor Lee is the best example proving that the little that I do does matters. A miracle literally happened while this video was filmed. A soul was saved.

God reminded me through Is Changing The World A Lost Cause?  that trusting Jesus means not having every answer, but rather being obedient with what I’ve got and trusting Him for the miracle. – Eddie Kaufholz

If you are still not convinced, watch this:

Thank you for visiting DOTA. If you are encouraged today, awesome. Keep on doing the purpose that God has put in your heart to do and trust that through your obedience, He works His miracle through it. God bless your heart for Him. Have an awesome week!

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