Let Us Celebrate Hugalicious Day

Celebrate With Us

Have you heard about Hugalicious Day already? If not we are here to share what Hugalicious Day is all about.

Celebrate Hugalicious

This project takes its course finally when David who turns 5 in 2 months’ time wants a Hugalicious Day. You see, he always has good ideas but none like this, hence, mom wants him to learn that no good ideas are too small or insignificant to make a difference in his ‘small world’. If his idea makes someone else happy, it is probably worthwhile sharing with others. Just like if a hug brightens someone’s day, why not give it away?

Hugs are beautiful! What about giving lots of hugs to those you love that day? As David says: ‘Hugalicious is that it will never end‘.


What’s Going On – On August 21st 2017

Furthermore, we have more than 1 reason to celebrate and build great memory on August 21st 2017. Surprisingly, another special event happens on this day. We will get to witness a total eclipse in various states in America on August 21st 2017. Isn’t this exciting for us to celebrate this special day?

What do you do on Hugalicious Day? – Let Us Celebrate

David loves to play, dance and sing. Why don’t we do just that? At the same time, you can give away lots of hugs to those you love. Meanwhile, since hugs brighten your day, why don’t we add some lanterns and banners to celebrate hugalicious moments. David enjoys playing with friends. Watch the phenomenon together with friends and families. The best part of this celebration is you cannot celebrate this day alone.

What David and mom hope is that you have fun and enjoy this special time with family and friends. We hope that by making beautiful memories just as hugs do when you give them away, you too will have a great time. If you are keen to know David and the full story behind Hugalicious Day? Click on our links and learn more.

Share How You Celebrate Hugalicious Day With David

One thing we ask if you may, share how you celebrate this day with David with your videos and hashtag them to #celebratehugaliciousdaywithdavid

Mommy loves to encourage him by showing how his good ideas can change his world and no matter how little he is, good ideas are never too small or insignificant to share and make someone else happy.

One more reminder, don’t forget to share your videos on the total eclipse as well. It would be delightful for David to see this awesome phenomenon.