Inspirational Project

Inspirational Project 2016:

Sing Me A New Song

Inspirational project for 2016. Have you ever experience a unique God’s inspired moment where God dropped you a new song? You are not and never were a song writer. You have no idea how it all works, but He gave you a chorus. The given instruction is to build an entire song around the chorus.


Go light your world, now is the time.

Go light your world, now is the time.

[cincopa AANApLdv7_Lq]

So, what is this inspirational project all about? It’s about letting God do something new in your life in 2016. The heading of this project says it all, SING ME A NEW SONG. If you like what DOTA is doing, click on the link above and like our page on Facebook.

Will you open your heart to a new song in your life?  Let God work through a new song in your heart. The aim is to build a song around the chorus. Put the song on a video and send it to Daughters Of The Almighty (DOTA)  website. For more information on our inspirational project 2016, go to Contact link and tell us all about it. We love to hear from you. Together, let this song go viral in 2016, all for the glory of God. Let God do something new in you in 2016.  Are you inspired?  Let’s do this!

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