View Our Prizes

View Our Prizes

Are you looking forward to what you will receive as your winning prizes? This spring/summer project has some awesome prizes waiting for you. Come along and be a participant in our Spring/Summer Project 2015 Contest. Are you ready?  We look forward to your submission. Any enquiry please send it to us and we will try to answer you as soon as we can. Would love to hear from you.

Here are our prizes:

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Our winner will get to choose one from these prizes. If the winner chooses  DOTA Tote bag, he/she is able to ask for a change in the color of choice. As for the others, what you see is what you will get. Just send us your address and we will deliver your prize with free delivery service. So, what are you waiting for.. let’s do it.

Detail on our prizes

1. On your left, is a picture of a purse. Just click on the purse and you will see a full view of it. This purse was exclusively designed by Eileen Dick. You will not find another exactly like it. One of a kind purse.

2. Next is a DOTA Tote Bag designed by EHOP Designs. Click on it and see it in full view.

3. A $15 Starbucks gift card awarded to the winner who loves coffee and would rather take a gift card than others.

4.  DOTA will update one last prize later in the year. Please check back for more details. Thank you!


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