Interview Format – Call Of God

Interview Format

Interview format for the Call of God. Here is a guideline to our candidates who would be interviewed to share about the Call of God in her life. We are interviewing ordinary women who are living out the call of God in their lives.

Whether you are a mom, a grandma or a working mom. You are qualified to join us as a guest writer. The best way to share your life is through your testimony. What God is doing in your life. In these interviews, we hope to share the love of God and how to identify the call of God in a person’s life. It does not need a missionary or a preacher to know that God desires to fulfill the purpose in our lives.

We look forward to serving you better.

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Candidate Full Name:

Don’t forget to request for a photo of your candidate and her family (if possible).

Please give us a brief introduction of you and your family as well as what you are doing right now in terms of your profession and ministry. Share your story if you have one.

Questions to guide your interview:

1. What do you believe God has called you to do?

2. Why do you think so?

3. Prior to your calling, what were you doing?

4. What would you encourage those who aspire to be called as you do?

5. Would you do it any other way? Why and why not?

6. Please share your challenges so readers can pray for you.

If you have a candidate of your choice:

Above is a structured guide to use if you have a candidate


in mind and would like to invite her to share on DOTA.

Let us know and we can feature your candidate on our site. Thank you!